Everyone uses internet in our everyday life and surf different websites on it. We can access some websites easily while few websites are blocked so how to unblock blocked websites. One gets nervous on this since we want to explore the data of that website. We face this issue almost every single day and find different ways to unblock that particular website. Here in this article I will show you how you can  unblock blocked sites on the internet. You just need to read the article to understand the whole procedure.

For what reason do blocked sites exist?

Well, the first question come into mind that why these blocked websites exists on the internet. I will try to clear your confusion about this question. There may be many reasons that these sites exists. Basically, There are three reasons given below:

1) Government Censorship:

There are many governments that use censorship to block sites since they think that the website is not safe for people, take personal information or offering wrong information to it’s users. There are lots of websites which are blocked due to this particular reason. For instance:
  1. Google, a famous search engine, is totally blocked in China.
  2. YouTube, video platform, is blocked in Syria, Turkmenistan, Iran and China.
  3. All types of Pornography sites are completely blocked in Thailand.
  4. Facebook is blocked in China, Cuba, Iran and other countries.

2) Geo-Blocking:

The other reason can be Geo location or Geo blocking. This is the common reason why some websites are closed or blocked. In this, some sites allow user to use their site only in a particular location or in their country only. If you are going to abroad, you will no longer be able to use that site. This is what the Geo blocking is. For example:
  • PayPal, famous online payment getaway, can be used in many countries but it can’t be  used in Pakistan.
  • The pirate bay website can not be used in Belgium and many other countries.
  • Google code, source code repository, can not be accessed in Cuba, Sudan, Syria and many other countries are also included.

3) Institutional Restrictions:

Some institutes like College and Universities block sites so that the users can not access them. This is the restriction by the institution for the betterment of the users. If you are student you might face this difficulty that some sites can not be accessed, so actually this is the main reason why the website is blocked at particular institute.

How to unblock blocked websites?

Now, I show you that how you can unblock the blocked sites on internet. There are numerous ways to unblock them but some of them are given below:

1) By VPN:

How to unblock blocked websites and restrictions?
     If you use internet in your daily life you must know about VPN(Virtual Private Network). It is a private network that allows you to extend a private network. By using VPN, you can change your location and access blocked websites. There are many VPN available on an internet. Some VPN are given below:
  1. Zenmate
  2. Hola VPN
  3. Psiphon 3
  4. Cyber ghost
  5. Express VPN     etc.
I suggest you to use paid version of any VPN. Since paid version provides you extra features and you can easily access blocked sites. This is the most famous method to unblock blocked sites internet. You have to just follow these steps:
     1) Download and install any VPN on your device.
     2) Select a particular location on VPN.
How to unblock blocked websites and restrictions?
     3) And click on connect.
How to unblock blocked websites and restrictions?
Now, you have to go to the blocked website and open again, it will open and you can access the data of that site.

2) Make use of Proxy sites:

There are many online free as well as paid websites that allow you to use proxy and access blocked websites. This is an alternative of the VPN. In this method, you don not need to download a VPN to access the blocked sites. You just to go to that proxy site and use it. Numerous of websites are available for this purpose I give you some examples:
  1. hidemyass.com
  2. hide.me
  3. free-proxy.com
  4. croxyproxy.com    etc.
In case of VPN I suggested you to use paid version but in this case I will recommend you to use only free proxy sites. You have to go to the proxy site and follow given steps:
     1) Open any proxy site.
How to unblock blocked websites and restrictions?
     2) Select your server or location
     3) Enter the website name and click connect.
How to unblock blocked websites and restrictions?
    Now, the proxy site will bring you to that website and in this way you can unblock blocked websites on the internet and use them.

3) By Google Translator:

    You might be surprised that google translator can be used for unblocking blocked sites. The answer is yes, you can use it. Often, we use google translator for translation to another language but it has ability to unblock websites. Now follow the given steps to do it:
     1) Open google translator website.
     2) On left side select any language except English, it is very important to keep in mind that you must not select English on left side however the website language is English.
How to unblock blocked websites and restrictions?
     3) On the right side, you must select English.
     4) Now paste the blocked site link on the left side.
     5) Click on the upper arrow link on the right side.
How to unblock blocked websites and restrictions?
   Now, you will be redirect to that website and you can easily use that blocked website and use them for useful purpose.

4) Use IP address instead of site name: 

We can access website on the internet in two ways. These two ways are:
  1. IP address
  2. DNS
DNS(Domain Name Server) is the most commonly used method to access any website. We can use the IP address of that site to access it if the website is getting block. Now you have to follow these steps:
     1) Open command prompt in your window.
     2) Type tracert websitename.com on command prompt and press enter.
     3) Copy the IP address of the website,you entered, and paste it in URL bar of any browser.
How to unblock blocked websites and restrictions?
     The site will be opened and you will be able to use that blocked site easily. Just use the site for useful purpose.

5) Change DNS setting:

DNS stands for Domain Name System. If you face the problem of blocked site then you can change your DNS setting and you can open blocked sites on the internet. Just follow these steps to change it:
     1) Open your network setting currently to which you are connect from control panel and click                  change adaptor setting.
     2) Right click on the connected network.
     3) Select Properties
     4) Click on internet protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4) and click properties.
How to unblock blocked websites and restrictions?
     5) Select the Use the following DNS server addresses.
     6) Click here to get DNS addresses.
     7) Pick any DNS address and type it in preferred DNS server as I did in given snapshot.
How to unblock blocked websites and restrictions?
     8) Click OK.
Now, you can open any blocked website on the internet.

6) BY HTML to PDF converter:

This is another way to open any blocked site on internet. In this method, we will convert the blocked website page into pdf form and you can easily read the content of the website. There are many websites available on web to perform this task but some are:
  1. sodapdf
  2. pdfcrowd
  3. webpagetopdf   etc.
    These are some websites to convert html to PDF form. Just follow the following steps to convert:
     1) Copy the blocked site link or the URL of particular page of that site.
     2) Paste that URL on one of the above website.
How to unblock blocked websites and restrictions?
     3) It will give a file in the form of a PDF.

7) Via extension:

There are many extensions that allow you to access blocked sites on the internet. These extensions hide your identity and enable you to visit the blocked site. Many extensions are available on the internet for this task. But I will recommend ultra surf security. You can add it to your browser as an extension and use it.Just download it and connect it. Now you can explore any website on the internet.
How to unblock blocked websites and restrictions?

8) By using Tor:

Tor stands for The Onion Root. It is an anonymous browser that hides you identity by creating a chain of different location. So, it becomes difficult for anyone to trace you. You can use this browser to unblock blocked websites on the internet.
How to unblock blocked websites and restrictions?
If you are unable to unblock the blocked site by using above methods then, you can use it for unblock the site. Actually, it is a gateway to dark web. But by using this browser, you can easily unblock blocked websites. Many such websites are available on it which are not available on your usual web browser.So, Be very careful when you use this browser.


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