Videos play an important role in our life. We capture our memories or any other remarkable indecent in the form of videos. Videos are also important in today’s modern era since we do marketing with videos and we try to edit it best that will attract the users towards it. In this way, video editor apps play an important role. To select the best editor is difficult but after a complete research, I will show you 10 best video editor apps for android free and I am sure that you like them.

To make the video more attractive and good looking, we use different kinds of softwares so that our video look charming. In case if the video is not good looking then, the people will ignore it or get bore. So, make sure to try these video editor apps for android free.
There are many editing softwares are available for both PC/Laptop and android and some of them are free as well as paid. We record videos with the help of our smartphone but we can not properly edit them with built-in apps in android. Here I have listed the best video editor apps for android free to edit your clips in very short time depending on your effort.

Video Editor apps for Android Free

Now, I will show you the 10 best video editor apps for android free in 2020. Make sure to read the full article to understand entirely. Let’s take a quick glance on the editors:
  1. Power Director
  2. Quik
  3. Filmora Go
  4. ActionDirector
  5. KineMaster
  6. Adobe Premiere Rush
  7. Viva Video
  8. Inshot
  9. VLLO
  10. Magisto
Let’s discuss then briefly and see which vidoe editor will be your choice. We will discuss their features as well which will make easier to choose the best one.

1) PowerDirector:

10 Best Video Editor Apps for Android Free in 2020
The first one is powerDirector and with this stunning app you can make high quality videos like professionals. It is quite easy to use and it’s GUI is very simple. You can edit and export up to 4K resolution videos i.e, full high definition. It’s continuous updates give you more features day by day. You will be able to use all the features in it.
Compatibility: It is available for Android and iOS.


  • You can modify videos of up to 4K resolution
  • adjust speed according to your taste.
  • Chroma keys are available
  • You can directly upload to Instagram, Facebook and you tube
  • Other advanced features are also available

2) Quik:

10 Best Video Editor Apps for Android Free in 2020
According to the experts and users, Quik is the fastest, easiest way to create awesome videos and it is 100% free which is a great thing. You can modify videos in just a couple of steps. Moreover, you can create your own videos by adding pictures, GIPs and many more. With the addition of transitions your video will look better.
Compatibility: Quik is available for Android, Mac and iOS.


  • You can add your up to 75 photos and videos in it from the gallery
  • You can choose theme suits you
  • Customize videos in easy steps without any worry
  • Pick the Perfect soundtrack and it supports almost all the formats

3) Filmora Go:

10 Best Video Editor Apps for Android Free in 2020
FilmoraGo is the best video editing application and it is liked by more than 10 million users. It is a very powerful video editor app and it will not leave any watermark or stamp on your clip like many other video editing apps. It also helps you to make funny clips in very easy steps anywhere. Share the edited videos directly to social medias.
Compatibility: It is compatible with Android, Mac, iOS Operating System.


  • You can create videos by mixing photos and clips
  • It provides you one click amazingness i.e, awesome templates and effects
  • Add soundtrack according to your taste
  • It supports 1:1 for Instagram and 16:9 for youtube videos

4) ActionDirector:

10 Best Video Editor Apps for Android Free in 2020
The next one in my favorite list is ActionDirector. With the help of this amazing tool, you can edit your clips, record high quality videos, add effects, share your effort with your friends as well as it also edits movies and action movie effects. You can easily edit with some simple steps and your video will be viral depending on your struggle.
Compatibility: It is compatible with Android OS and iOS.


  • It provides you all basic features like cutting, adding effects, photos etc
  • It supports the slow motion and fast motion
  • You can easily add your favorite animated stickers
  • Purchase amazing advance features which will add beauty to your clips

5) KineMaster:

10 Best Video Editor Apps for Android Free in 2020
KineMaster is one of the most popular video editing app. This amazing application is installed by more than 100 million users which is a very huge amount of users. You can imagine it’s popularity. All kinds of video editing features are available in this tool. I personally used this app and created an amazing video in a very short time.
Compatibility: Kinemaster is available for Android and iOS.


  • Add and combine more than one layers of clips, stickers etc easily to your video
  • Add your voice overs, backgrounds music, sound effects and many more features
  • You can control speed for time lapse and slow motion effects easily
  • It also supports 4K 2160p videos at 30FPS

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6) Adobe Premiere Rush:

10 Best Video Editor Apps for Android Free in 2020
This is really the baby brother of the professional video editing software on Mac and PC. Adobe Premiere Pro and while it is a cut-down version it really packs a punch in the amount of features and control that you get in this app. It is also the only app that will work cross-platform and cross-device meaning that you can start an edit in premiere rush on your iPhone.
You can open it up on your Android device or your Mac and PC and make changes and it’s just synchronized across all of them so this makes your workflow so easy for you to start something on your phone or on an iPad or tablet and then finish it off on your desktop computer. Personally I love how fast it is to edit in and how intuitive it is to quickly find everything that you need without needing to get bogged down in menus upon menus to go and find everything.
Compatibility: Adobe Premiere Rush is available for Android, Mac and iOS.


  • There are really powerful audio features
  • It is really a pro quality video editor
  • Editing in this tool is very easy
  • You can add multi-track timeline and customize titles are available

7) VivaVideo:

10 Best Video Editor Apps for Android Free in 2020
Another one of the most video editing tool is Viva video. It is installed by more than 100 million users around the globe. You can imagine it’s popularity from it’s downloading. It is very easy and provide you an amazing advance features for editing video. You can get fame by uploading them on social media platform.
This incredible video editing tool is free of cost and the best tool ever for video editing since it’s advance features are also free which is an amazing thing.
Compatibility: Viva Video is compatible for Android, Mac and iOS.


  • It is a video maker with high quality songs
  • It contains best video cutter which is very easy to use
  • We can add music to the video
  • You can create blur background for your videos and photos

8) Inshot:

10 Best Video Editor Apps for Android Free in 2020
Inshot is hands-down the easiest video editing app to use but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack a punch, it doesn’t have all the advanced features and control like Adobe Premiere rush or like some of the other apps that we are about to mention but it is super powerful for allowing you to create your videos fast and easily and still having them look really good.
Now just like in Adobe Premiere rush if you do want to reformat your videos from widescreen to portrait for Instagram stories or square in shop makes that surprisingly easy as well and there’s also a surprisingly huge amount of customization and control over the effects and things that you can apply to your edit.
One of the standout features for me was having the ability in such a simple app to be able to apply an effect to multiple clips in your timeline or in your edit without needing to manually set everything for each individual clip.
Compatibility: Inshot is available for Android, Mac and iOS.


  • It is free full-features Video Editor
  • Inshot is a professional Photo as well as video editor and collage
  • You can add music to video with advance features free of cost
  • Other interesting features like effects, sound, ratio, background etc.


10 Best Video Editor Apps for Android Free in 2020
This is an app there’s totally taken me by surprise. I really didn’t have high expectations for this when I downloaded it and installed it but it’s awesome once again it’s got a super simple interface so it’s really easy to use and to get up to speed editing in there but it’s also got some really cool advanced features in there.
You are gonna make your editing much easier simple things like having an audio waveform or the visual representation of the audio in your videos that’s overlaid on top of the clips in your timeline. There’s not many video editing apps out there that give you that functionality let alone have it in an app like this one.
Now they also have a really powerful video editing feature in here that’s normally only in the top video editing software on desktop let alone the cheaper ones on desktop let alone in an app and this is adjustment layers an adjustment layer is where you can apply all your effects and things to a layer.
Compatibility: VLLO is compatible for android, Mac and iOS.


  • VLLO provides you video zoom in and out feature
  • You can cut, add transitions, sounds and much more
  • There is no watermark without payment which is a great thing of this tool
  • Provides you royalty free music and sound effects

10) Magisto

10 Best Video Editor Apps for Android Free in 2020
Megisto is also a very popular and famous vidoe editing app out there. You can make amazing videos for social media or any other plateform. Magisto is fast, easy and effective editor for you. You can make editing in just three steps which are uploading video, make your desired changing easily and just save it. It has marketing features and video slideshow advance features.
Compatibility: It compatible with android, Mac as well as iOS.


  • You can grow your business easily
  • It contains smart editing style features
  • You can choose video clips, photos and music according to your taste
  • Make longer high quality videos


These are the 10 best video editor apps for android free in 2020 and you can utilize these incredible video editing apps in your daily life and customise and modify your video in simple and easy steps. Even a common person can easily do this. All the applications mentioned are the best of all and are able to edit of high resolution video even 4K video is also supported. Now, it is up to you, which one will you select. I hope you will use these video editor apps for android free in 2020 and choose the best one.


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