how to improve computer performance windows 10?

Most of the people in today’s era use windows as an Operating System since it is most comfortable, easy to use, easy to understand, debugging is very easy and many more etc. Now, windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft operating system. It is designed for both android and PC/Laptop users. Since windows 10 OS has a lot of functionality so, it slows down the system a little bit. That’s why, I will show you that how to improve computer performance windows 10.
While using windows 10, we observe different kinds of problems which slows down our windows 10 and we are unable to use the OS very quickly. In this kind of case, we seek for help from others that how to improve computer performance windows 10?. But now, you do not need to be worry about it since you are now on right place. I will try to solve all your problems so that you can use your window 10 very smoothly and without any problem. Read the full article to understand the whole method. I will tell you the complete step by step procedure to boost up your windows 10.

How to improve computer performance windows 10?

Now, will see that how to improve computer performance windows 10? Follow the given procedure to improve your windows 10 speed.

1) Enable Storage Sense:

Enable Storage sense to save space. Storage sense is a great feature that will help you to make more space on your computer. It can achieve this by automatically getting rid of files you don’t need anymore, like the temporary files and contents in your recycle bin, it can even make more room by deleting the previous version of your windows 10 files.
It is definitely worth to be included in the performance category because the more space you clean, the less slow your windows 10 will become or we can say it will become more responsive. Anyway, the storage sense option is disabled on your Windows 10 by default.
Follow the given instructions to enable storage sense:
     1) Go to your windows settings and open the first menu which is System.
how to improve computer performance windows 10?
     2) To storage sub-menu, simply enable the Storage sense option.
     3) Now Windows 10 will be automatically cleaning your unwanted files, so you can have that peace of mind.

2) Startup Apps:

A startup program is a program or application that runs automatically after your system has booted up normally. Previously it was managed from your task manager, and it’s still available there, but on windows 10 it’s much easier than before,
Method to manage these programs is given:
     1) Go to your windows settings and click on to the apps menu.
     2) Now navigate to Startup sub menu, you will see all apps and programs running in the background every time you have booted.
how to improve computer performance windows 10?
     3) Disable all the applications running in the background.
     4) Now, no program will run in background and it will boost your window 10.

3) Reduce Recycle bin limit:

 Don’t even think it’s a simple thing, recycle bin plays a huge part in your system stability, because it’s using the storage of your System drive or in which drive your Windows 10 was installed in. Normally recycle bin default limit would be a 100 GB and think if you’re the person who never clears your recycle bin, all your deleted files will be kept in your recycle bin until it’s reaches a hundred gigs. And all these 100 GB of storage is using from your system drive.
You know what if your system drive is full or kind of full your windows will become slow or unresponsive, it’s a fact if you want, you can check that your self. So this is another way to always keep your C drive exhausted. I hope you understand the point of limiting the data that your recycle bin can store.
Instructions are given below:
     1) Go to your recycle bin desktop icon and right-click on it.
     2) Now choose properties and go to customise.
how to improve computer performance windows 10?
     3) Set limit up to 15GB, keep in mind that size must be mention in MB.
     4)Now, you have done.

4) Better Power plan:

You may not hear about the term power plan in windows before unless you are an advanced user, So let me tell you a short brief about the power plan before changing it to a new one. So that you can understand how much of a performance jump you will get just by changing your power plan on your Windows 10 PC. Normally we have 3 different power plans available in the windows by default and those are balanced, high performance and power saver power plans, the default power plan choice of the windows would be the balanced option.
So if you check for the currently enable power plan on your control panel it would be the balanced option. For a quick boost, you can quickly choose the high-performance power plan, it may also be hidden under the additional plans tab, so be sure to check there as well. but wait we have a more powerful power plan hidden inside the Windows 10 itself.
So let’s focus on the fourth one, the hidden power plan which is the ultimate power plan option. It is the most powerful plan amongst the available power plans, as well as It is a great. Follow me:
     1) Right click on your start button and choose Windows power shell (admin) option.
how to improve computer performance windows 10?
     2) Power shell will open now type following command in it and press enter.
powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61
It will show following message:
how to improve computer performance windows 10?
     3) Now, ultimate performance option will be enable, choose this option by going to the power option.
     4) Now, you will notice that your windows 10 performance will be increased.

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5) Bloatware removal:

Bloatware is simply mean unwanted software or application included by the manufacturer when you buy a new computer. And usually, this happens when you buy laptops, and in most cases, they will only available for a trial period, so many of them are rarely useful or total waste. And the most disappointing fact is that it will also take a part of our valuable storage as well. This important factor also slows down our windows 10 performance and take a lot of space. We have to remove these unwanted softwares so that we can use window more smoothly.
Follow the given instructions:
     1) Go to windows setting and go to apps.
     2) Now navigate to Apps & features sub menu and uninstall the bloatware (unwanted softwares).
how to improve computer performance windows 10?
     3) You have done. Now, it will increase your windows speed and performance.

6) Disable User Account Control:

Windows do always want to warn you whenever you install a program or change an important setting by popping up a dialog box and making you click OK to continue. Do you ever think why even bother about warning you, when you already know what you’re doing? Great question. Just Disable User Account Control to end this endless annoying pop dialog boxes, and feel the flow.
To do it. just follow my procedures:
     1) Click on start button and search user account control.
     2) Now click on change user account control setting.
how to improve computer performance windows 10?
     3)  Now slide this bar all the way down to never like this:
how to improve computer performance windows 10?
     4) Click on OK and click on continue on pop up box.

7) Windows Updates:

I know it sounds silly, but an outdated system may cause serious performance issues. So it’s a thing that you should take into consideration if you are looking for serious performance out of your windows 10 PC. So let me show how to do that as fast as possible if you are a newbie to Windows 10.
Follow my steps to get rid of this problem:
     1) Go to windows setting and click on update and security.
     2) Now under the sub menu ‘Windows update’, you will find a button called check for update, click on it and it will be checking for the newest windows updates and will be installed automatically if anything available

how to improve computer performance windows 10?

     3) If you don’t know, It might require a system restart in order to get the new update in its full effect.

8) Clean C Drive:

Disk cleanup is a windows default utility which helps to clean unnecessary files from your local disks, It can be used to clean any of your local disks, but we are showing you how to clean your C drive and as we said cleaning up your c drive will definitely have a positive impact on your system performance.
Procedure is given below:
     1) Click on start button and search for Disk cleanup, just click on it.
     2) Choose C drive on dialog box and click on OK.
how to improve computer performance windows 10?
     3) Tick mark all the options ( Copy all your important data from download folder to other drive otherwise it will be wiped) and click on OK.
how to improve computer performance windows 10?
Note: First, extract your important data from download folder before doing this process.
     4) It will ask for a permission to delete these files. Just click on delete files.
     5) It will clean up your c drive from unwanted files.

9) Speedup Shutdown:

It is true that over the years windows have improved and changed dramatically. It can boot up pretty much fast as well. But when it comes to shutdown or restart your modern windows 10 computer will take time. But if you have used by any chance a windows PC two decades ago, it can shut down as soon as you hit its power button. It is because nowadays Windows have to wait a long time before exiting any programs you have running. And sometimes Windows 10 even stop and wait for you, until you force the application to close. It could be even a not pad in which you have written something and forget to save and exit.
So let me show you how to speed up your windows 10 shutdown time real quick:
     1) Right click on start button and select run option.
     2) Type regedit and click on OK.
     3)Now go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > Current Control set > Control.
how to improve computer performance windows 10?
     4) Now navigate to Wait to kill service timeout double click on it.
     5)Now set the value data to 2000 and click on OK.
     6) Now navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Control Panel > Desktop.
  7) Now right-click somewhere here and go to new string value and name it WaitToKillAppTimeOut without space in-between.
     8) Now, double click on newly created string and set the value to 2000.
how to improve computer performance windows 10?
     9) Now, again right click and create new string and give it a name HungAppTimeout and set the value to 2000.
how to improve computer performance windows 10?
     10) Again create a new string value name it AutoEndTasks and assign a value 1.
     11) It’s done.
     12) You will feel that your windows 10 speed has increased.


All these above steps are very important to improve computer performance windows 10. If you follow this procedure then you feel that your windows 10 OS performance has been increase and you can enjoy smooth and improved windows 10 Operating System. That’s how to improve computer performance windows 10 and it will definitely work.
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