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Privacy Policy for

According to, Privacy is very important for our visitors visiting our website and increasing their knowledge about technology.


At Tech Spying, the personal information of any person is very important and it is our responsibility to save your data in a safe place so that no one can steal this vital information. Now, we will try to understand what type of information we collect and receive from the visitors of Tech Spying and how we safeguard your personal information from others. You can completely rely on us that we will never sell your data to any third party company since we are responsible in this regard.

Log Files

According to Adsense terms of services, we want to know you that all advertising programs like AdSense use cookies and your browsing activities to track visitors. Like all other websites, we collect the information stored in the log files as well but you don’t need to worry about it since we will never use your information for our personal use. One more thing you should know that these log files contain your IP (Internet Protocol) address, your browser (Maybe Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, etc.), Your ISP (Internet Service Provider), the time you visited our site and the page you visited to increase your knowledge.

Cookies and Web Bacon’s

To inform you that, we use cookies to save your information such as your personal preferences on our website. We use this information to enhance your experience on our website.


We use a third-party advertisement program on to support our website and include more informative things in it. Some advertisers on this website may use technology such as cookies and web bacon to advertise on our website. These advertisers use your received and collected data to show appropriate advertisements to increase your experience. This information contains IP address, ISP information, time, and your personal preferences. However, you can disable cookies on our website but in that, we will be unable to enhance your experience on our site.


We made a policy that you have must have logged in to your Gmail account in order to give your feedback to any article. This policy is made to avoid spammers and hackers. We request you to only give your opinion on our article not promote any type of link or illegal comments other they will be removed.


Tech Spying Reserve all the rights to remove any comment which is not a suitable for publishing that’s why only give your opinion. Comments like abusing language, hate or any other foul language will be removed quickly. Spamming in any form will not be accepted on our website.

Email Address Policy

We also want to inform you that when you will comment on our site or want contact with us, your email address is required. We ensure you that your email address will only be used for answering your comment and will never use your email address for any kind of publicity. We also ensure inform you that your email address will never be sold to any third parties, ever since the privacy of any user is very important to us.


We also recommend you that you should join our newsletter program so that you never miss any informative article belonging to this website.

Children Policy

It is important to inform you that we never collect and receive any kind of information from children. Since our website content is totally about technology so we only recommend the users over 13 years to use our website. We do not intend to collect information from the children.

Contact Information

If you have any questions relating to our website like regarding saving your personal information or any privacy mentioned above then feel free to contact us at and will respond to you as soon as possible and solve your query.

Changing in Privacy Policy

Tech Spying reserves all rights to change any information in Privacy Policy and if you have any objection, feel free to contact us.


We inform you that in Tech Spying no copyright content is used regarding media and subject matter posted on our website. We try to make our content unique so that users can enhance their knowledge. If any user thinks that we violate any rule and use copyright content then you must contact us.