We use the internet in our daily life. Even you came to this page with the help of the internet. Did you think about it? What is the definition of the internet? Ask yourself. We use these things every day but we don’t even think about reality. Don’t worry if you don’t know, I am here to clear your concepts about it. Read the article to clear your mind about the definition of the internet because of which you are here right now.

What is definition of the Internet?

The definition of the internet is that it is actually a system of connected computer networks. When a number of computers connect together, they form a network. The internet is basically a global computer network and it uses TCP/IP(Internet protocol suite) to connect worldwide devices. It is a wide area network that can consist of public, private, business and government networks. The Internet is an ocean of information. I hope you are understanding the definition of internet. Computers are connected through different telecommunications links:
  1. Phone Lines
  2. Fibre Optic Cable
  3. Satellites and wireless connections

How does the internet work?

What is the definition of the Internet? How does it work?
    Now after know-how about the definition of the internet, here the next question arises how does internet works? So, here we will discuss. Actually, the entire data is stored in the data centre thousands of miles away from you. We achieve it by means of satellites or cables. When you become a part of this network, you can access data of those computers which are already connected. You have a unique IP(Internet Protocol) address. The internet works by packet(message) routing network in accordance with IP, TCP, and other protocols. In simple words, the Internet consists of clients(you) and servers(24/7 available computers). This is how, in short, how internet works.

What does the internet provide us?

The Internet provides us various facilities and uses for users. Some facilities are:

 i) World Wide Web(WWW)

What is the definition of the Internet? How does it work?
     WWW is a group of millions of sites. The website contains various web pages of information. WWW Organise this information in a way that users can search and access easily. So, it becomes easy for the user to seek the required data.

 ii) Email

What is the definition of the Internet? How does it work?
    Email stands for Electronic Mail. It is the exchange of messages and files using the internet. A message can be in the form of pictures, audio, video clips or plain text. It is very easy to send messages anywhere in the world in a short time.

 iii) Telnet

      TELNET is a program that is used to connect to a remote computer on the internet. A system can act as a terminal linked to the remote PC. The user can log in to the PC and use it as if he is linked to the PC directly.

 iv) File Transfer Protocol

What is the definition of the Internet? How does it work?
   FTP is used to transfer documents on the internet very easily. Audio, video, pics and facts files can be uploaded or downloaded using this protocol. The procedure of shifting a document from a remote laptop to a local computer is called downloading. On the other hand, the Process of transferring files from local computers to a remote computer is called uploading. Different software s is available to use this protocol for transferring files on the internet. Cute Ftp and WS_FTP are examples of FTP software.

 v) Gopher

      Gopher is a menu based-system for exploring the internet and its resources. It provides the facilities of search and file retrieval on the internet. It manages resources that make it easier to find information on the Internet.

 vi) Social Media

What is the definition of the Internet? How does it work?
    Another use of the internet is in the form of social media. We use Facebook, Whats App, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc in our everyday life. We can chat with our friends sitting hundreds of a mile away from him while he is sitting in his own place with the help of internet.

Who owns the internet?

  It is one of the very interesting questions. Who is the owner of the internet? Did you think about it before? In simple words, no one owns the internet. In other words, everyone is the owner of the internet. No single person, organisation or country controls it. Whenever you use the internet, you become part of the internet. Even there are millions of users who are active now. They all are part of this network and no one of them can say that he is the owner of the internet because of there many other active users. So I hope you understand it, no one is the owner of the internet or everyone is the owner of the internet, which is active.

Difference between Internet and Web:

  Basically, The internet is that the physical connection of many networks. The Web consists of millions of web pages. We can access these pages by using the internet. In a single sentence, the internet is a globally connected computer network while the web(WWW) is a collection of web pages on the internet.

History of the Internet

  The work on the Internet was started in the 1960s during the cold war of Russia and America. When America wanted to communicate with its Armed Forces , a network of 4 computers was developed within the beginning. The project was handed over to DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Project Agency). DARPA started connecting computers at different universities and defence companies. Different universities and research organisations also started the event of their own networks to share information and data with people. After a few years, all networks of universities and research organisations were connected by DARPA with each other to make the world’s biggest network. This network is now known as the Internet. In 1989, all previous networks were -replaced by NSFNET of the National Science Foundation. The Internet facility was now available to common people.

I hope you are not getting bore rather enhancing your knowledge about internet. You can take some rests and take a look on 20 unusual websites on the internet you didn’t before and refresh your mind and after you can continue.

Advantages of Internet

  The internet has numerous advantages but some of them are given below:

  i) Information hub

     We can find all kinds of data on the web. Basically, it is a source of information and an ocean of knowledge. We just need to write our problem on google (search engine) and it will show us relevant information. We can gain information in no time. So, it is a source of knowledge. Even college and university students totally depend upon the internet to seek information according to their needs.

  ii) Entertainment Source

What is the definition of the Internet? How does it work?
    The Internet is a source of entertainment too. We can watch movies, dramas, cartoons, news, and shows, etc. When we tire after days of hard work, we need some entertainment. We only need to use the internet to get rid of laziness. Nowadays, TV shows are becoming very popular. The latest trend can be seen with the aid of this facility.

  iii) Latest news

What is the definition of the Internet? How does it work?
   We can find the latest news on the internet and can be aware of a second. There are millions of newsgroups which provide us the latest news and keep us informed about every news. There is a number of news channels in every country on the internet, we can watch them to get information.

  iv) Online Shopping

What is the definition of the Internet? How does it work?
    One of the best advantages of the internet is online shopping. A few years ago when internet was not so popular, people used to go to the bazaar or market to bring things. They wasted their time as well as transport cost. They had to go market in order to get their needs but now in the present case, we don’t need to go to the market. We can order things online by using the internet. There are many websites that allow us to do inline shopping like Amazon, Ali express, eBay and Flip-cart, etc. These websites ship things all over the world.

  v) Chat Groups

   Chatting is the process of exchanging ideas by typing text messages on the Internet. Many online users join chat groups for exchanging their views. A chat group is a group of users with similar interests. The people can connect with one another in any time. It means that they are online at the same time on the internet.

Disadvantages of Internet

  Although the internet has many advantages, it has a number of drawbacks too. Some disadvantages are given:

    i) Wastage of time

       It is a big disadvantage of the internet. Some people continuously use the internet without any purpose and waste their time surfing the internet having no purpose. It also affects the study of students. They are unable to concentrate on their studies and use the internet. My advice for a student is to use the internet only in their idle time.

    ii) Unsafe for children

       The internet isn’t a secure place for children. Parents become worried when children use the internet without any purpose. Many pornography and adult websites are available on the internet. They use these types of websites which is not safe for them. They use the internet for unnecessary things instead of gaining knowledge.

    iii) Money Frauds

What is the definition of the Internet? How does it work?
   There are many websites on the internet like shopping, online stores and earning websites, etc. Some of these types of websites make money fraud. So, be aware of these kinds of websites on the internet. Some websites get your personal information and then sell them to other companies even they can steal your credit/debit card information and can use it for their purpose.

    iv) Viruses

What is the definition of the Internet? How does it work?
     The virus is a destructive program that can harm your computer and delete your precious data in no time. Few websites on the internet contain malware and when you download a file from that website it means you are also transferring the infected file( virus ) as well into your computer. So, when you install or open that file the virus attacks your system and can steal your data. Often, hackers do this for their own purpose.


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