8 Best Adblock Extensions for Chrome – Block ads

We use the internet in our daily even you are here because of the internet. The Internet has become a part of our life. Now, people can not stay away from it. On the other hand, advertisements also have become a part of our life. The number of businesses are growing with the help of advertisements. The ads are very annoying and I will show you the best AdBlock extensions for chrome.

You observed that whenever you visit any website or watch youtube videos, you see different ads in the form of videos as well as banners. Some of them are very annoying and a cause of malware. They contain virus but we see it as a legitimate ad. It can be a cause of serious danger for you sometime. These ads are very annoying and a cause of irritation for us. After reading about these best AdBlock extensions for chrome, you will never see these ads until you have installed one of them in your browser.

Now, you need any program or extension that can stop these kinds of annoying ads. There are a number of chrome extensions available on the internet. But, I will show you the 8 best AdBlock extensions for chrome that will really help you a lot. So, read the full article to understand it.

Best AdBlock Extensions for Chrome

Now, we will discuss about these best chrome AdBlock extensions. You can choose one of them and install it in your browser to get rid of ads. Let’s dive into it

1) Adblock Plus:

8 Best Adblock Extensions for Chrome - Block ads

AdBlock Plus is my first priority and the choice of more than 10M users. I think it is the best extension to block online advertisements ever. After installing this extension, you are free from the ads. It is a true ad blocker extension.

With AdBlock Plus you can block youtube ads, pop-ups and it can even fight against any malware. Many users almost 500 Million downloaded this amazing extension. It is one of the very popular adblocker.

It’s some of the features and advantages are given:

  • You are able to block videos as well as banner ads
  • You can block pop-ups
  • By using it, you can Stop tracking and give yourself more privacy.
  • You can get free and constant support
  • You can surf fast internet


2) AdGuard AdBlocker:

8 Best Adblock Extensions for Chrome - Block ads

The next one is the Adguard adblocker. It is another very amazing and useful adblocker you can sue to block online advertisements. I am personally using this adguard right now. It offers us amazing features. It is the choice of 6M users around the globe.

Adguard is an almost Unmatched AdBlock extension against advertising and pop-ups. With this, you are able to block ads on Facebook, Youtube, and Blogs or any other website on the internet.

Its advantages are given:

  • It blocks all the advertisements including everything (ads).
  • You can speed up page loading and save bandwidth
  • By using this extension, You can protect your privacy.
  • You can block many spyware, adware, and the dialler installers.
  • It protects you from phishing.

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3) uBlock Origin:

8 Best Adblock Extensions for Chrome - Block ads

The third one on my list is uBlock Origin. It is also a very famous ad blocker and useful extension too. This extension is the choice of 10M users in the world. It is also one of the most popular extension among users.

It is a very efficient blocker. It does not load your CPU and memory i.e, easy on memory, and CPU footprint. You can even load and enforce thousands of more filters than other popular blockers out there.

uBlock Origin advantages are given below:

  • This adblocker is very flexible
  • It is completely free and open-source
  • secure you from spammers
  • It will block the ads permanently until you enable it.

4) AdBlock:

8 Best Adblock Extensions for Chrome - Block ads

The other product of adblocker is Adblock. like Adblock plus and it is also a very interesting ad blocker for you. Its rating is also very good and is the choice of more than 10M users and that is a very huge amount.

Its benefits are almost the same i.e, blocks ads and pop-ups on Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, and your favorite websites. It has almost 60 million users and it has become one of the most popular extension with 350 million downloads. You can think how amazing this ad blocker is and you must try it to enhance your experience.

It’s highlight features are given:

  • It can remove any kind of ad including video ads.
  • You can block third-party trackers and protect your privacy
  • With the help of Adblock, you can browse safely.
  • It can improve page load times.


5) Ghostery:

8 Best Adblock Extensions for Chrome - Block ads

This adblocker blocks ads on every website and on any video platform. It is another useful adblocker. Ghostery is the choice of 2M users. It is also a very efficient ad protector. You will never see annoying ads after using this ad blocker.

It is a powerful privacy extension. Ghostery blocks ads, stop trackers and optimizes the speed of the website. It removes advertisements from the site to eliminate clutter so you can focus on the content you want.

Its benefits are given below:

  • This extension blocks ad
  • It protects your privacy
  • With this, you can browse faster
  • You can customize the display

6) Fair AdBlocker:

8 Best Adblock Extensions for Chrome - Block ads

Your next choice can be a fair adblocker since it is a very flexible, efficient adblocker. You can use it without any worry since it is the choice of almost more than 1M users around the world. You should try it out to stop annoying ads.

The main highlight of this extension is that you can block the ads even on Facebook and other social media platforms. It enables you to block different kinds of ads. I think this is the adblocker for you.

The highlighted features are given of this ad blocker:

  • Saves you from popups, malware, and other ads
  • It blocks auto-play video ads and expanding ads
  • Many blocking options are available
  • You can enhance your experience

7) AdBlocker Ultimate:

8 Best Adblock Extensions for Chrome - Block ads

Just like AdBlock plus, adblocker ultimate is another very stunning adblocker. It also works the same as all the above extensions work i.e, block ads from the websites, and youtube. You can avoid these kinds of viruses by using this extension.

This extension is also free and it improved adblocker. With this ad blocker, you can completely remove all the ads. Now, no one can deceive you by showing these ads on any platform.

Some highlight features are given below:

  • It removes all the ads
  • AdBlocker Ultimate blocks malware and tracking
  • It also improves browser performance
  • You will not see any kind of annoying and all types of advertisements.

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8) Easy Ad Blocker:

8 Best Adblock Extensions for Chrome - Block ads

The next one is an easy adblocker. If you did not like one of the above adblocker then you can try out this ad blocker. It can also block all the online advertisements you see in different forms.

Easy Ad Blocker is fast, effective, and very easy to use. The big advantage is that you can block Crypto Miners like Coin Hive, Monero, etc. since these are very annoying and become a headache.

It can do the following tasks for you:

  • It has the ability to block video ads
  • You can block Pop-Ups ads
  • Banner ads can be blocked with it
  • It saves your bandwidth


These are some best AdBlocker extensions for chrome which you can use to get rid of bad and annoying ads on all kinds of platforms. You can choose any one of the above AdBlocker. I personally use Adguard as I mentioned earlier since it’s the interface is very simple. Your choice may be different. All the extensions are the best of all.
However, it is important to note that some websites use a script to enforce you to disable your adblocker if you to access their content. So, you have to disable if you want to read content from their blog. That is all for today. If you like my hard work then don’t forget to share with your dear ones. Also, read other informative articles to enhance your tech knowledge.
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