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Ever since Facebook and Instagram came together, they have provided a lot features to it’s users. Where Facebook is a well-known social media platform, there Instagram is also a very famous and most commonly used photo sharing platform. They offer many features like we get option to share our Instagram photo directly to our Facebook which is a time saving and amazing feature.
Mark zuckerberg bought Instagram in 2012 and it was a big decision taken by this guy. Now, since the owner of Facebook and Instagram is the same person so they did a lot of work to provide best to users. Moreover, you can link Facebook and Instagram together and perform a lot of functions like post sharing and login to Instagram through Facebook and many more.
How to login to Instagram through Facebook - Tech Spying
You can link Facebook and Instagram may be for any reason. Post sharing saves our time and it increases our post reach. In Facebook and Instagram, there is an option through which we can link these accounts together. In this article, I will explain you to link these accounts and how you can login to Instagram through Facebook.
Many people uses social media for marketing and growing their business. They two platforms play crucial part in marketing and you can actually grow your business by using these platforms effectively. As I am repeating again and again that it’s post share features is amazing and incredible, so it is really very useful and you will accept this reality when you will become a marketer. Time is everything in this world and this feature saves our time by sharing content.

Why to login to Instagram through Facebook?

The first question is that why you will login to Instagram through Facebook? So, it may be for any reason i.e, you may forget your Instagram email or password. However there is a option for recover password but there is another option which is useful than this. The second reason may that you want to share your post to Facebook by linking Instagram and Facebook. These are only some reasons. I will suggest you to link Facebook and Instagram since it will be very helpful for you.


There are some prerequisite to start the procedure. Requirements are given below:
  1.      Instagram account
  2.    Smartphone
  3.    Instagram app to your smartphone
  4.    Internet Connection

Link Instagram to Facebook

First, you have to link your Instagram account with Facebook. These are very simple steps and follow the given procedure:
     1) Open Instagram  app on your smartphone.
     2) You have to login to your existing Instagram account.
How to login to Instagram through Facebook - Tech Spying
     3) Go to your Profile and navigate to settings.
How to login to Instagram through Facebook - Tech Spying
Note: Method to navigate to setting may be different, so I am sure you can easily explore according to your device (IPhone or Android etc).
     4) Now, go to linked accounts in the Instagram setting.
     5) Click on Facebook like below:
     6) Now, connect with Facebook.
     7) After connecting, open the Facebook option.
How to login to Instagram through Facebook - Tech Spying
     8) You can select here that where will be your post share like Facebook page or your profile by tapping on Share to.
How to login to Instagram through Facebook - Tech Spying
     9) That’t it, you have linked your Instagram account with Facebook.
So, these were the simple steps to link and now you can login to Instagram through Facebook very easily. You can also share your posts directly from Instagram to your Facebook page and profile and it will really save your a lot of time.
While linking accounts, you may have to give different permissions to Instagram like Facebook pages and groups etc. Moreover, if you are facing any trouble while linking Instagram and Facebook, then log out your Facebook account and login again. Then, you can try and it will hopefully fix your problem.

Sharing posts on Facebook

After linking Instagram and Facebook, your post will be shared to Facebook when you will upload it on Instagram and I consider it important to tell you that be very care about sharing post on Facebook. If you don’t want to share post on Facebook then disable it first from Instagram setting and then post on Instagram otherwise it will not be a good effect on your Facebook account.

However, it is a good feature to share posts on both Instagram and Facebook but it may be harmful in some cases. Share only important posts so that you can grow your business.

Login to Instagram through Facebook 

Now, it’s time to dive into our topic that how we can login to Instagram through Facebook. You have to follow the procedure very carefully and do the same in your case so that you can easily login to Instagram through Facebook.
After linking your Facebook account, you are all done. Now log out from your Instagram account and this time, you will select login with Facebook and you will be redirected to your Instagram account. For this, make sure you are already logged in with your Facebook account if not first do this and then go to Instagram.

Unlink Facebook and Instagram

I don’t know why you will unlink your Facebook account from Instagram but I will show you the complete method to unlink. Follow the given procedure to do this:
     1) Go to your Instagram setting.
     2) Navigate to Linked Accounts and choose the Facebook
     3) Now, click on unlink as given:
How to login to Instagram through Facebook - Tech Spying
     4) Your account has unlinked.

Create Instagram account with Facebook

If you don’t have create your Instagram account in your life then, you can direct login with Facebook and create account directly. However, there is only one disadvantage. Instagram provides random username and password to you until you change it on your profile setting. To change these credentials, follow my steps:
     1) Go to your Instagram profile.
How to login to Instagram through Facebook - Tech Spying
     2) In the profile, you can edit name, username, your bio, website, phone number, email and gender etc.
     3) You can change your username according to your taste.
     4) To change profile, go to sittings and click on change password.
How to login to Instagram through Facebook - Tech Spying
     5) Now,you can set password.
In this way, you can change your profile. I have covered almost everything about Instagram account. If you have any query then feel free to tell me your problem in the comment sections and I will reply you as soon as possible.
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