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Smartphones have become a part of our life and everyone of us utilizes smartphone in daily routine of life. They have become so common that almost every person has it’s own smartphone like IPhone. People use then regularly. Even we can not stay away from them. Smartphones come with lot of features. In the past, the basic purpose of the phone was to make calls and messages but now it has become very advance. Since it is an electronic device so, it requires a power. Majority of people use IPhone and they come with different battery capacity. In this article, I will show you that how to make your battery last longer on IPhone.

IPhone is a powerful device but some users face the battery difficulty. Their IPhone battery drains very fast. They charge them again and again. Some users use power bank to charge their battery. This problem has become very common. IPhone has many benefits but has pitfalls as well. The biggest disadvantage of IPhone is it’s battery life. I will teach some tips that how to make your battery last longer on IPhone.

You will learn a lot from this article. No matter what IPhone do you own i.e, IPhone 7, 10 etc. It will work with all the IPhones. Just make sure to read the full article to extend the battery life of your IPhone and you never face this difficulty any more.

How to Make Your Battery Last Longer on IPhone

There are many ways to extend your IPhone batter life but I will show you 10 major ways on How to Make Your Battery Last Longer on IPhone. So, stay tuned to know all about it and do not miss any tip otherwise I will not be sure about extending batter life.

1) Battery Health

IPhone provides us a feature that we check our batter health. From this, we can determine whether you should replace your battery or not. This is the built-in feature of an IPhone. Apple introduces new battery health beta. You can not blame the phone for being bad battery if your capacity is low that  means the physical IPhone battery needs a replacement.
If your battery is draining rapidly then, make sure to check the battery health because it may the reason of this battery life. Now, I will show that how to check battery life on your IPhone. Just follow my given steps to check battery health:
     1) Go to your IPhone settings > Battery > Battery Health.
How to Make Your Battery Last Longer on IPhone - Tech Spying
     2) Here you can check your IPhone battery health.

     3) I recommend you that if the percentage is below than 80% then you should go to apple store and replace the battery.

2) Auto Lock

This is another power saving tip. If your IPhone remains unlocked, it consumes a battery and hence your battery life decreases. So, make sure to turn on auto lock. To do this, follow the procedure given below and save your battery:
     1) Go to settings > then select Display and Brightness
     2) Now, make sure that the auto lock is set to 30 seconds. You will feel slight improve in battery life.
How to Make Your Battery Last Longer on IPhone - Tech Spying

     3) Then also make sure that a race to wake is disabled on supported devices.

3) Auto Brightness

One of the main power consumer is on a smartphone is actually the display itself. This is because when the brightness will remain high, it will take power and drain the battery automatically. So, we will make sure to turn the auto brightness on so, that our battery capacity remains safe. To do this, you have to look at the given procedure:
     1) Go to settings > General > select Accessibility > choose Display accommodations
     2) Make sure that auto brightness is turned on.

How to Make Your Battery Last Longer on IPhone - Tech Spying


You can also turn it off entirely and keep the brightness at a really low level so anything around 30 to 50 percent is really good but if you could bring it down even lower than that it would save you more battery by quite a bit.

4) Black Wallpaper

It’s become of the IPhone 10 and since it does come with an all a display having a black wallpaper would actually help you save quite a bit of battery life. So, luckily Apple even includes a dark wallpaper in iOS 11 and 12.
To apply this wallpaper you have to follow me:
     1) Go to Wallpapers
     2) Now, select the black wallpaper in the list and apply it.
     3) It will really save your battery life and many users use this trick

5) Minimal Home Screen

If you have an iPhone Santa keeping the home screen minimal would actually help you save more battery life since essentially those pixels on the display would actually be turned off if you use a black wallpaper so remove every single app from the main screen and only keep three or four the ones essentially that you use the most.
This is a tested trick and it will save your battery. When you add more and more app shortcuts on home screen, it consumes some battery since these applications logo contain pixels. To show these pixels on the screen, battery will automatically drain. So, make sure to remove as many apps as you can.

6) Battery Usage

Now, this is the most important thing and you must consider it seriously. In this method, we will check which application is consuming more battery. It is the built-in feature of an IPhone or even android smartphones. You can check these apps manually and then we can restrict them to use a battery any more.
In iOS 11 and especially in iOS 12 you get quite a lot of details when it comes to what apps have been using your battery life your battery the most. In this case, will also restrict these applications to run in the background. To do this, the procedure is given below:
     1) Go to settings > General > choose Background app refresh
     2) Now, you can turn everything off.

     3) If you wish, you can turn on some of your important apps.  It will be very useful since it is the main reason of battery drainage.

7) Low Power Mode

How to Make Your Battery Last Longer on IPhone - Tech Spying
Now, another major tip that I have is to enable low-power mode as often as possible so this would actually reduce the CPU clock speed but if you have a newer iPhone such as an iPhone 7 or newer you wouldn’t even be able to notice the performance job because of how powerful Apple’s newest processors are.

I recommend you to enable this option as much as you can. Since you don’t use IPhone whole day so, keep this option enable when you are done with phone and it will save your battery. Even on android smartphones, we can enable power saving mode to save it’s battery.

8) Disable Bluetooth and Airdrop

This is also an essential tip that you should disable your Bluetooth function on your IPhone when it is not necessary. If you don’t have an Apple watch or air pods you might as well disable Bluetooth entirely and it will also be very helpful for you. I also consider it important to tell you that turning Bluetooth every time on will be a cause of hacking your data. Hackers can steal your valuable information.

It’s become disabling stuff also make sure that you keep airdrop disabled and only turn it on when you’re using it and the same applies to mobile data so mobile data shows up or a lot of battery life so keep it off at all times when you’re in a good WiFi location. So, WiFi actually consumes less power. So, try to use WiFi as much as possible and keep mobile data off so that when they’re not on the WiFi network drops it won’t automatically search for 4G cellular towers and consume even more power.

9) Dark Mode

A very powerful battery saver is actually dark mode on the iPhone 10. If you want to save your IPhone battery more than that then you should apply dark mode on your IPhone. Trust me it will save a lot of battery of your IPhone.
To turn on dark mode, follow the given steps:
     1) Go to your IPhone settings > General > Accessibility > display accommodations
     2) Now, go to invert colours > turn on smart invert

How to Make Your Battery Last Longer on IPhone - Tech Spying


     3) Go back to accessibility > accessibility shortcuts > tick mark reduce white point and smart invert colours.

10) Automatic Switching

When you’re out of sim signals for example and you have no WiFi and no signal you can turn on airplane mode definitely this would prevent your iPhone from constantly searching for a cellular signal. It will save a ton of power and you can use your IPhone for a long time.
When smartphone finds no sim signal, it continues to searching the signals and waste your battery so, it is better to turn on Airplane mode or flight mode.

11) Static Background

This is the thing we often neglect. Everyone wants the IPhone good looking and for that purpose they set a dynamic wallpapers on their IPhone. But they do not know that it consumes a lot battery since it always runs in the background and use battery. So, I recommend you to always set a static background.
As I have mentioned earlier to use dark wallpaper. If you do not like it, you can set another static wallpaper according to your taste. Battery can be saved by using dark wallpaper on the background and that is why I recommended that wallpaper.


Now after discussing the tips about how to make your battery last longer on IPhone, we will discuss the conclusion. If you want to save your IPhone battery then you have to follow the above methods and you will see the huge battery improvement. There are number tips and tricks about this particular topic, you can also read them and save more battery. That was for today’s article. You can also share with friends so that they can also enhance their knowledge about it.
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