How to Mirror Android Screen on PC via USB? Tech Spying

Are you thinking about sharing your android device screen to your PC, Mac, or Linux operating system? It is very easy to mirror android screen on PC via USB. I will show you both methods via USB and WiFi.

If you have a rooted android device then it is pretty easy and you can share your android screen in few easy steps but if your android device is not rooted then still you can do it with the help of some tools. In this article, I will try to solve your problem to share your android screen to your Pc/Laptop or Mac OS. I will show both the methods i.e, with wireless and USB Cable. In this way, you can easily mirror android screen on PC via USB and WiFi as well.

Why Mirror Your Android Device to PC?

The first question comes in mind that why you will share your android screen to your PC or Mac OS? The answer is very simple and I try to explain in simple words. May you are an android app developer and want to see the developed application on your android device without reaching it. So, it becomes very simple for the user to use the device on your PC or Mac OS.

Maybe you are a YouTuber and the tutorial is based on an android device and you are more comfortable on your PC than your android device. So, it can be another reason. There may be another reason to do so.

Mirror Android Screen On PC via USB

Now, we will come to our main topic to mirror the android screen to your PC or Mac. So make sure to read the full article to understand every procedure. Let’s talk about the options or tools which you can use to perform this task.

Which Tool Should You Use?

There are plenty of tools available on the internet to mirror your android screen. Many of them are paid but most of them offer some free features to use their product. The best options are Vysor, scrcpy, AirDroid’s, AirMirror, and MirrorGo.

These tools are my recommendations since they provide you better features. But my favorite one is Vysor and we will use this amazing tool in this article to guide you in this regard. However, you can use one of the above tools depending on your choice.

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Reason for Choosing Vysor

You may think that why I used vysor tool and not others. So, there are many reasons to select this tool. Let me discuss some reasons:

1. It compatible with every Operating System i.e, Windows, Mac, and Linux
2. It supports both methods like wireless and USB Cable.
3. You can share your Android Screen to PC or Mac OS.
4. Its interface is very simple and easy to use.

These were some reason to select this particular tool to perform this task. You may not like this tool and use other tools to mirror android screen on PC via USB  and it totally depends on you. If you like this tool then you can buy its premium version in $2.5/month or yearly membership in $10/year. It’s Pro version will contain all the premium features like high resolution, Mirror your android screen wirelessly, drag and drop file sharing and many more features are available in the premium version.


Come to the main topic and in this section, we will discuss about the requirements to mirror your android screen to PC or Mac Operating System. You will need the following things to perform this task:

1. Download Vysor software according to your OS.
2. You need a USB cable to connect your phone to your PC.
3. An android smartphone that you want to mirror.

Your USB cable should of good quality so that it can not damage your smartphone. The second thing is that the USB debugging mode must be on to your android smartphone. If not, then the following section is for you to do so.

Enable USB Debugging Mode on your Android Smartphone

How to Mirror Android Screen on PC via USB? Tech Spying

The USB debugging mode should be enabled on your smartphone to mirror your android device to PC or Mac or to connect your phone to PC. If you have already done then, jump to the next section and if your Mobile debugging option is off then to follow the given procedure:

1) Go to mobile settings > About Phone (According to your android version)
2) Navigate to Build Number and click on it seven times.
3) Now, go back to the settings and Your debugging mode will appear, just open it
4) Scroll down and enable the USB debugging option.

By following this method your debugging mode will appear and it is useful in many ways. If your mobile debugging option is disabled then, you can not connect your smartphone to your PC or another system. So make sure to enable it.

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Share Android Screen to Your PC or Mac with USB Cable

Now, the method comes of sharing your android device screen to PC or Mac. Make sure to read the above requirements. You have to follow the given steps to perform it:

1) Open Vysor software on your PC or Mac Operating System.

How to Mirror Android Screen on PC via USB? Tech Spying

2) After launching Vysor, connect your android device to PC or Mac OS.

  Note: Make sure debugging mode must be enabled on your android smartphone

3) After connecting your mobile, you will see your android device on Vysor like this:

How to Mirror Android Screen on PC via USB? Tech Spying

4) Click on the green button View.

5) It will start connecting to your Android Smartphone.

Note: If it shows any error then, install the Vysor app on your android device manually, since I have faced this problem.

6) After some time, you will see your android device screen to your PC or Mac.

It was the simple method to share your android smartphone screen to your PC or Mac very easily. Since it is a free version so it will restrict you limited features and if you like it then, you should buy its premium Version to break all the restrictions.

Share Screen via Wi-Fi

As I said earlier, Vysor has its premium version that allows you to access many features. The one premium feature is to share your android screen Wirelessly. Since it is a paid feature so you have to purchase its premium membership to enjoy this amazing feature.

However, by following the given procedure you can even share your mobile screen wirelessly with chrome. Your android version must be 5 or later. Now follow me:

1) You have to download the AllCast Receiver for your Chrome (It is free).

2) After it, download screen recording and Mirror for your Android device and it is free as well.

3) Now connect both PC/Laptop and Mobile with the same Wi-Fi network.

4) Now, Start AllCast Receiver on your PC with Chrome App Launcher.

5) On your android device, start scree recording and mirror.

6) Choose the network device that exactly matches your PC on your screen recording and mirror.

7) That’s it

Note: The disadvantage is that you can not control your android smartphone on your PC. It can be controlled on your mobile-only.

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I tried to solve your problem that how to mirror android screen on PC via USB. If you often share your android device then I recommend you buy the premium version of the Vysor so that you can enjoy all the premium features and do not face any hurdle. If you think that this article is really very useful then share it with your friends so that you can help them in this regard.

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