We use Facebook in our daily life. Almost every user on the internet has a Facebook account and use it in everyday life. We make friendship with others and chat with our our friends and our relatives. Since it contains our information and important data in the form of posts so it is very important to secure our Facebook ID. Now, I will show you security settings in Facebook which will protect you from illegal activity.

There are number of users on the web that face this difficulty that their account is hacked by any unauthorised person. They get worried and try to recover that hacked account since it contains the sensitive information about that user. Normally Facebook provides us these settings to secure our account but many of us are unaware. So, make sure to read the full article to know these security settings in Facebook and protect your account from hackers.

Security Settings in Facebook

I will teach you that how can you secure your Facebook account from an unauthorised person or hacker by using the security settings in Facebook. Normally, these are the hackers that hack our account and then sale them in a very cheap price. I will show some important methods to completely secure your Facebook account. Make sure to read this article till the end so that you can protect your account from hackers.

1) Active Logins

Important Security Settings in Facebook to Protect from Hackers

The first important thing that will really help you to secure your Facebook account is active logins. In this settings, you can see that who is actually using my account right now and you can remove that account instantly from the settings. It also provides you a complete list where your was logged in i.e, device name, date as well as time.

Often it happens that we open our account in friend’s laptop or in a cafe shop and forget to sign out that account. So, any other person can easily access your account and use it for illegal things. An unauthorized person will have full access to your account. So, by using this settings, you can easily remove them.

Make sure to remove all the devices in active logins where you did not login so that other person can not use your account any more in that particular device. So, follow the given procedure to do it so:

  • Go to your Facebook settings.
  • Click on security and login and see Where you are logged in.
  • It will show you the complete list of the devices where you logged in and date as well.
  • If you did not logged in then, click on three dots to right of the device.
  • Click on log out and it will be logged out in that particular device.
Important Security Settings in Facebook to Protect from Hackers

2) 2 Step Verification

Important Security Settings in Facebook to Protect from Hackers

If you are very serious about your Facebook account want to make it highly secure so that no one except you can use your account then must enable 2 step verification. Even you can use this process to email, Instagram, Facebook and many more. You should enable this amazing option to highly secure your Facebook account.

Now, what is 2 step verification? In 2 step verification, whenever you will login to your Facebook account, a pin code will be sent to your registered mobile number and you have to enter that code in order to access your account. You can apply it on any account to make it that account very secure. This is very useful step so that you can make your account secure from hackers.

Even if any person knows your Facebook account credential, that user will be unable to access your account because that unauthorized person will be unable to get the code. I recommend you to enable this option if you want more security. You can secure your account almost 95% by using this method. Procedure is given to enable two step verification:

  • Navigate to your Facebook settings and click on security and login.
  • Go to Two-Factor Authentication and click on edit.
  • Select the security method you want to apply.
Important Security Settings in Facebook to Protect from Hackers
  • After selecting security method, follow the Facebook instructions and your 2 step verification will be applied.
  • Now, nobody can access your account even if hacker knows your Facebook credential.

3) Login Alerts

Some users are very worried about their account. Here is another very powerful setting for you to highly secure your Facebook account. The method is login alerts. As the name suggests, you will get notification whenever an authorised person access you account which is a very great thing.

You must enable this option to get notified when any person login your account at any time. When your Facebook account will be logged in then you will get a message, email and Facebook notification. In this way you can easily protect your account from the hackers.

Procedure to enable this option is given below:

  • Explore your Facebook settings.
  • Go to Security and login and then Setting Up Extra Security.
Important Security Settings in Facebook to Protect from Hackers
  • Then, click on edit on the right side and a box will appear.
  • Make your desired setting like get notified by notification, messenger and text message.
  • After selecting, click on save changes.
Important Security Settings in Facebook to Protect from Hackers

4) App logins:

This is the most commonly used method by almost every user. We often ignore this thing and it can cause us a huge loss. You notice that we often login apps or different websites with facebook account and then they ask us to allow them. You should be aware about these things.

Important Security Settings in Facebook to Protect from Hackers

We must not ignore this thing since some apps are asking us to allow them to post on your account, comment, like and many more things they can do with your account. Often when we play games, we allow them to do all these things with our account.

Some apps only take your contact list and name but many of them get permission for post, comment and a lot more. They can post on your behalf. Read the instructions very carefully before allowing any app or website.

Important Security Settings in Facebook to Protect from Hackers

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5) Don’t Save your Credential in Browser:

Almost every user uses google chrome, Firefox or opera browser. Whenever you login to any website on the internet, the browser asks to you for saving the username and password. Actually, the browser asks for your facility so that you do not need to enter this information and use access that particular website directly. But if any other user used that system and you are not available there then the user can use that particular website easily since the browser has saved the credential.

Important Security Settings in Facebook to Protect from Hackers

Same is the case with the Facebook. You noticed that whenever you login to your Facebook account, browser asks for saving a password. Keep it in your mind forever that you must not save it in your browser since it can cause you a serious issue.

Whenever your browser asks for such permission just deny it to save the password. Any other person can easily find that password by using any chrome extension or in the browser setting. Don’t do this mistake any more and avoid to any loss in the future. This is also a very common mistake among the users.

Note: Avoid to save your bank detail or credit card information in any shopping site otherwise you may loss all your money.

My Recommendation

If you follow all the above settings then I can guarantee it that no one can hack your Facebook account even hackers will unable to access your account as well. I will recommend you enable at least 2 step verification. Since this is the very highly secure setting in all above the methods. Your account will be completely secure once you follow the above setting in the same way I showed you. These are some Important Security Settings in Facebook to Protect from Hackers. You must do these settings in your Facebook account if you are serious with your account.



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