Do you know about NFC technology? I am sure, most of you are already aware of this technology and many of you might have used this NFC technology in your smartphone or tablet for sharing photos with friends. You also might have used this technology for pairing the Bluetooth speakers and smartwatches. And in fact, because of this technology, we are able to use mobile payment services, etc. In today’s article, we are going to discuss the NFC Tag Uses that will make your life smart and easy.

Those who don’t know about this technology, I will talk about it as well. NFC has many or we can say unlimited advantages since it’s used has been increasing day by day in different works. We will also discuss it’s some advantages. But especially I will guide you NFC tag uses that how can you use them in a better way.

What Is NFC Technology?

The word NFC stands for Near Field Communication. As its name suggests, it is short-distance wireless communication technology. So, when two NFC enabled devices or smartphones come very close to each other, roughly around 4 cm, then they can communicate with each other using the radio waves. Now, out of the two communicating devices, at least one device has to be an active device like a smartphone, tablet, or payment terminal. While other device can be active or passive. An example of a passive device is NFC tags. We will briefly discuss the NFC Tag Uses.
Top 10 NFC Tag Uses - Make Life Smart and Easy

An active device requires external power supply whereas passive device does not need power. This is the short introduction of NFC technology and it has a number of advantages. Most gadgets use NFC technology. Now, we will cover its advantages.

Advantages Of NFC Technology

I will discuss some of the advantages of this amazing technology and how can we use it in our daily life to easy our work. Let’s take a look:

1) Data Transfer

The first benefit of NFC is data transfer. To do this, we just need to close the NFC enabled devices to each other and then, you can easily transfer data from one device to another. Unlike Bluetooth, we do not need to pair devices in order to transfer data rather we can direct send data across two devices. This is a big advantage of NFC.

2) Device Pairing

Device pairing can easily be done using NFC technology. For example you a wireless device like air pods etc. The traditional is that we first enable the Bluetooth of smartphones then we accept it and in this way, we can pair devices. For a new user, it is a bit complicated but with NFC technology, we can do this in seconds. We just need to touch the NFC enabled device to that particular wireless device and they will automatically pair to each other.

3) Mobile Payments

I think this is the best benefit of this incredible technology since we can easily do payments with NFC technology. For instance, android pay, Samsung pay, and apple pay are very popular, they work on this amazing technology. You just need to open an app to your NFC enabled device and near your smartphone to the device. That’s it, we don’t need to swipe our debit/credit card.

4) High Security

As we discussed mobile payments so, it is important to note that the payments made with this technology are more secure than any card or other payment method. It provides high security to its users. Privacy of the user is everything and this technology does not compromise in this regard and you can easily use this amazing technology without any worry.

What is NFC Tag?

NFC tag is a very small tag and we can store some data in it. The size of the data should small for instance WiFi password, contact information, email, home address, website, etc. You can find this card easily and configure in a very short time. I give explain to you with an example. These NFC tags use the same technology.

Suppose you have stored your WiFi password in the NFC tag and hanged on the wall in your home. When you will close your NFC enabled smartphone to that tag, it will automatically fetch the WiFi password since you have stored in that tag. Similarly, you can store any small information in that tag.

What You Will Need?

Till now, we were discussing the NFC and its advantages. Now, our main topic starts that what are NFC tag uses? Before we jump into our topic, I want you to know the requirements. The next portion is going to be very interesting since it will make your life much easier. The first basic thing you need is to have an NFC enabled smartphone. The second and the most important thing is that you must have NFC tags and you can buy them in different quantities from online or offline stores.
Top 10 NFC Tag Uses - Make Life Smart and Easy
I will suggest you the best bundle of NFC tags so that you do not waste your money with buy idle tags. You have to invest a small amount to buy NFC tags. There are a variety of NFC tags are available on the stores but  Heavy Duty On-Metal NFC Tag(10 Pack) provides you great value and the price is also very small. This bundle contains 10 NFC tags and these are adhesive, you can stick them anywhere you want.
Top 10 NFC Tag Uses - Make Life Smart and Easy
Coming to the next requirement which is NFC Tools and MacroDroid apps to add tasks in these NFC tags. These are some requirements and if you have these things then can easily follow the given methods to use these tags in a good way. However, if you don’t have one of these things, you can read in that case as well and apply later.

NFC Tag Uses

Now, we will talk about the NFC Tag Uses. For this purpose, your smartphone must support the NFC feature in order to use it. To check whether your mobile phone supports this feature or not simply Go to your mobile settings > Wireless and Networks. You will find this option here named NFC. The setting may be different according to your smartphone model. Now, take a look on NFC tag uses:

1) Share Contact Info

The first one on this list is to share your contact information easily. It is quite easy with the NFC tag. I will show you the whole procedure to do that. First of all, you must have an NFC tag to perform this operation. These NFC tags are very cheap and you can buy in different quantities.
Follow the given procedure to share your contact information with others using the tag:
     1) Install NFC tools app from Play Store and open it.
     2) Tap on Write in the menu and select Add record.
Top 10 NFC Tag Uses - Make Life Smart and Easy
     3) Scroll down and tap on Contacts.
     4) Fill your details and tap on Ok.
     5) Now, this record will display on Write on the menu. 
     6) Tap on your added contact and close your smartphone to the NFC tag, in which you want to store this contact information. The information will be stored in that tag
     7) Now, whenever your friends ask for your information, just ask him to touch his phone on tag.

2) Alarm Dismiss

This is another incredible use of the NFC tag. You can use this tag to dismiss the alarm. Many people use them for this purpose. If you are a heavy sleeper then this function is definitely for you. Follow the given procedure to set an alarm with NFC tag:
     1) Install the Alarm clock for heavy sleepers from the play store and open it.
     2) Click on “+” icon and tap on Add new one-time Alarm
Top 10 NFC Tag Uses - Make Life Smart and Easy
     3) Now, set an alarm and then go to App setting > Profile settings > Challenges
Top 10 NFC Tag Uses - Make Life Smart and Easy
     4) Change challenge required settings from no challenge to dismiss.
     5) Secondly, set Choose Challenge Type to NFC Challenge.
     6) Now, place the NFC tag away from your bed.
     7) What this will do is whenever your alarm will go off in the morning you have to touch your phone to the NFC tag to dismiss your alarm I promise you you will never be late again to your work if you follow this procedure.

3) WiFi Hotspot

You can create a WiFi hotspot by using the NFC tag and it is also the best use of this tag. The procedure is very simple just follow the instructions given below:
     1) Install MacroDroid app from the Play store and launch this app.
     2) For the first time, you need to on MacroDroid by tapping the switch.
     3) Click on Add Macro scroll down and click on NFC Tag > Write New Tag

Top 10 NFC Tag Uses - Make Life Smart and Easy
     4) Write any name and now, scan your NFC card.
     5) Go to Actions and scroll down till you find HotSpot On/Off > Select Toggle HotSpot
Top 10 NFC Tag Uses - Make Life Smart and Easy
     6) Tap on Tick icon and select the name, you have written and click on Ok
     7) Stick this tag on your laptop or maybe somewhere else. That’s it
     8) Now, Whenever you will touch your phone on the tag, your phone will start hotspot in just one tap.

4) Automatic Launch Apps

This is my favorite use of the NFC tag since it saves our lot of time and effort. If you drive a lot to work you can create a new macro from the app we installed in the above step and use it to turn on your BlueTooth. To do that just follow my steps:
     1) Open the MacroDroid app.
     2) Click on Add Macro scroll down and click on NFC Tag > Write New Tag > Type any name and scan your NFC tag.
     3) Go to Actions then scroll down till you find Bluetooth Configure > Enable Bluetooth
    4) Now, you can put your phone into vibrating mode, launch google map or any application you want.
     5) Stick this tag in your car and with just one tap you can do all this with your NFC tag this will save you many steps every single time.

5) Connect WiFi in Single Tap

Now, you can connect WiFi in just a single tap. This is very useful whenever your guest or friend asks for a WiFi password, just ask him to touch his phone to that particular tag and WiFi will be connected instantly.
To use this feature, just follow the procedure given below:
     1) Install InstaWiFi app from Play Store and open it.
     2) Its User Interface is very simple. Select the SSID (Your WiFi Name)
     3) Then select the security.
     4) Now, Type your WiFi password in the password field.
     5) The last step is to tap on the Write to Tag and scan your NFC tag as below:
Top 10 NFC Tag Uses - Make Life Smart and Easy

     6) That’s it. Now, stick this tag somewhere near your WiFi or any other place now whenever some guests ask you for the WiFi password just ask them to touch their phone at this tag it will save you a lot of time and steps

6) Send SMS

You can send SMS by tapping an NFC tag to know your bank balance extremely fast or something else to just one tap. You can write any message in the NFC tag like bank balance or important note etc. and you can easily access by these stickers.
To use send message feature, follow the procedure given below:
     1) Open the MacroDroid app.

     2) Click on Add Macro scroll down and click on NFC Tag > Write New Tag > Type any name and scan your NFC tag.

3) Go to Actions and look for Send SMS and Fill the information as you want.

Top 10 NFC Tag Uses - Make Life Smart and Easy

4) Now, when NFC enabled device will touch that particular tag, the message will automatically display on your smartphone screen.

7) Store Application

Another useful feature of the NFC tag is that you can store apps in it. You can store the app, you mostly use in the tag and can launch that particular app by just tapping the mobile with that tag. This is a very amazing use of the NFC tag since it can save our time.
To store an app into an NFC tag, the entire procedure is given below:
     1) Open NFC tools app and go to the task menu and then tap on Add a Task.
Top 10 NFC Tag Uses - Make Life Smart and Easy
     2) Tap on Applications and then select the application option.
     3) Now, you can select an application you frequently use daily.
     4) Next time, you can open that particular app by just touching the smartphone with that NFC tag.

8) Add Multiple Tasks

So far, we are discussing to store only a single task in NFC tag but we can store more than one task in tag depending on your NFC tag storage. For instance, we want to low brightness, volume, and increase alarm volume at night so, we can save all these tasks in a single NFC tag.
Follow the procedure to add multiple tasks:
     1) Open NFC tools app and go to the task menu and then tap on Add a Task.
     2) Now, you can set any task according to your taste and configure them.
     3) After setting up tasks, go to tasks menu and tap on write/size and near the NFC tag to your smartphone to write these tasks.
Top 10 NFC Tag Uses - Make Life Smart and Easy
     4) It’s done, Whenever you will touch your NFC enabled smartphone device with that tag these options will automatically activate.

9) Marketing

The world has become digital and you probably heard about marketing. We can use NFC tags for this purpose as well. For instance, we can save our website URL in the tag. People set these tags on their shop as well so that people also know their online store and fore other purposes as well.
Follow the given procedure to store your website:
     1) Open NFC Tools app and go to Write menu and then Add record
     2) Tap on URL/URI and add the website URL.
     3) Now, tap on OK and store it in your NFC tag by navigating to write menu.
     4) That is how you can store your website URL in the tag.

10) Add Destination Address or Geolocation

Last but not least use of the NFC card is that you can store destination address or Geolocation and a lot more in an NFC card. If you have added your home address as a destination address and you are away from your home. By tapping the smartphone on the tag, you can easily find the distance on the map.
To enable add destination address, follow the steps given below:
     1) Open NFC tools app and go to the task menu and then tap on Add a Task.
     2) Tap on Add a destination address or Geolocation according to your need.
     3) Set your desired address and write it on your NFC tag. That’s it.

How to Erase Data NFC Tags?

I have discussed the best NFC tag uses that will make your life smart and easy. In these methods, we stored some information like address, contact, WiFi password etc. But what if we want to make NFC tag empty? That’s a very simple task and by following some steps you can do it as well.
Follow the procedure to erase tag:
     1) Open NFC Tools app and go to Other menu.
     2) Now, tap on Erase tag and bring the tag near your smartphone to erase data.
     3) Your tag data will be removed quickly.
Note: It is important to note that everyone having Supported NFC smartphones can delete data stored in the tag who has this application named NFC Tools or any other app like this. So be very careful about it.

 Important Fact About NFC Tag

Here, it is important to note that NFC tags have a specific size. If the tag has reached its maximum limit and you store more tasks in it then the first one will automatically dismiss and so on. I considered it important to bring into your knowledge. But you don’t need to worry about it since there are many NFC tags available in the bundle. You can buy them in different quantities. These tags are very cheap but they can easy your life.
There are many tags with different features available in the market. The GoToTags Blank White On-Metal NFC Sticker(10 Pack) also provides you a great value. You will never regret buying these tags. These are adhesive and it has a high rating as well. NFC tags are very easy to use and they make our life smart and easy. They are very cheap as well.
Top 10 NFC Tag Uses - Make Life Smart and Easy


Image Credit: I want to mention the image credit and the site from which the images are taken are telitec and mhpbooks. You can visit to know which images are taken not all.


This is the complete guide to NFC tags. I hope that I was able to teach about today’s topic in a good way. If you didn’t about NFC then after reading this article you will better understand and you can use NFC tags in creative ways. Now, you can write anything in your NFC tag since I have taught you the whole procedure. Don’t you have NFC tags now? Why are you waiting for, just above links to purchase tags by paying a tiny amount, and believe me it will make your life a lot easier. So, these are NFC tag uses.


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