What Makes a Computer Fast and Powerful?

what makes a computer fast
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A computer consists of many components. Have you ever thought about what makes a computer fast? Our system has many components, but which particular part makes it faster?

We will discuss different components and their role in increasing the performance of your computer. In short, no particular component makes our computer fast, but it depends on multiple factors, and we are going to cover them one by one. Many users consider the processor a leading part that makes it speedy, and many users favor RAM, and actually, they are thinking wrong.

What Makes a Computer Fast?

what makes a computer fast
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Before diving deep into our topic, we will discuss which components play a role in increasing the computer’s speed. They work together and make your computer work fast. The overall speed of your computer depends on the given parts of the computer:

  1. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  2. Random Access Memory (RAM)
  3. Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
  4. Cache Memory
  5. Operating System

There are various other components, but these are the major components that make it faster. We will cover all these significant factors and their role in enhancing the computer’s speed and performance. Another important thing is that if any of the above components are missing, your computer is useless. Therefore every part plays its particular role.

1) Central Processing Unit (CPU)

what makes a computer fast
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Let’s start with the brain of the computer that is the processor. CPU handles everything, including processing and clock speed. If your processor executes more instructions in one second, it means your CPU is potent, and the computer will be run commands very quickly. That’s why this is the brain of the computer.

If this component is weak, then we are unable to run complex programs. Processors come with multiple cores like dual, quad, or octa cores, and they execute even more than billion commands in only one second. They are becoming more powerful since technology is becoming significantly advance over time. CPU also plays a vital role in multitasking. Without the CPU, your computer is useless.

Processors come in GHz, and do you know what does mean? 1 GHz means 109, i.e., it runs 1 billion times in one second. If your computer has a 2.5 GHz processor then, it runs 2.5 billion times in only one second. I hope you got my point. Now, if a 2.5 GHz processor has more cores then, it will become even faster.

what makes a computer fast
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There are many factors to consider which processor is faster? I have a question for you which CPU is powerful 2.5 GHz or 2.7 GHz? I know your answer id 2.7 GHz since it will execute more commands per second, but 2.5 GHz can be faster if it has more cores, Transistors, and more functions. Therefore, not be fooled with GHz number. You have to consider all the factors.

So, we have discussed our first and essential component of the computer. Moreover, it performs all operations like arithmetic and logic. So, you can think that if we want our PC to work fast then, we should highly focus on our computer processor.

2) Cache Memory

what makes a computer fast
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Our computer uses three types of memories Storage device (hard drive), RAM, and cache memory. Cache memory is the fastest memory type but is very low in capacity. CPU stores the most frequently used data in cache memory to access that data in no time. Therefore, it is the fastest memory.

Moreover, cache memory has three types L1, L2, and L3. L1 lies inside the compute processor, L2 can be inside or outside in different IC, but there will be a high-speed bus between CPU and IC. Therefore, the processor can access L2 very quickly. L3 is separate memory, and its speed is double than of RAM.

what makes a computer fast
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However, the Processors are performing billions of instructions in one second, but still, CPU also depends on other parts, and the central part is cache. The processor uses this memory to read or write data quickly since it is easily accessible. Since CPU doesn’t need to wait for instructions from the RAM and hard drive (these slower memories), it can quickly transfer data. 

Since the cache storage is very low, small data can be stored in it. The more cache memory means more data can be stored, and more tasks can be done quickly. So, before buying a processor, you can consider the cache storage as well.


3) Random Access Memory

what makes a computer fast
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RAM is one of the essential components of a computer. This memory is faster than Hard drive but slower than cache memory. It also plays a role in enhancing the performance of your computer. RAM is temporary storage or short-term memory. Having more RAM means increasing short-term memory, more programs can be run at a time.

Whenever you open any file, program, or play the game, it first loads into memory, and then you can use it. In short, it stores active programs. RAM is especially useful in multitasking. If you have more RAM then, you can do more activities at the same time. If you want smooth multitasking then, you need more RAM.

what makes a computer fast
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Whenever we execute any software, RAM stores it in its memory so that computers do not need to execute that software from the hard drive again and again. If your computer does not have enough RAM, it means your computer is not robust and fast. The question is, how much RAM do you need? I have written a complete article on it.

RAMs are also becoming very powerful. They come with different types of DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 and even more than that. DDR4 is a potent type of RAM. You can easily upgrade this computer component later. RAM also makes your computer run smoothly and faster. So, the more quantity of RAM you have, the faster it will be your computer.

4) BUS Speed

what makes a computer fast
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Bus speed is another critical component of what makes a computer fast? In real life example, buses are used to transfer passengers from one location to another. Similarly, in computers, buses are used to transfer data from source to destination.

Obviously, if the bus speed is very high, it means data can be transferred quickly. Therefore, BUS speed also plays a role in computer speed.
Buses connect the different components of the motherboard. In this way, these parts become accessible, and data is transferred between these parts via buses. If buses can carry more data, then more data will be transferred at a specific time. It will increase the speed and performance of the computer.

what makes a computer fast
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Buses can increase or decrease the computer speed by slowing down data transfer speed between parts of computers. The instructions will easily flow if the computer has good bus speed. Otherwise, CPU has to wait that will slow down your system.

There are three types of buses in our computer system Databus, Address bus, and Control bus. These buses perform their particular tasks. We will not discuss intensely; instead, you can google them and increase knowledge if you want.

5) Hard Drive

what makes a computer fast
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The next important factor in increasing your computer speed is the hard drive. We store all kinds of data in the hard drive. It is slower than RAM and cache memory. However, its size is more significant than both. HDD (hard disk drive) does read and write operations. The HDD itself has several components. HDD continuously moves, and its speed is measured in RPM, which stands for Revolutions Per Minute.

Hard drives can also make your computer slower with some of its components. 5000 RPM hard drive is slower than 7000 RPM. Some hard drives do not move, e.g., SSD; therefore, it is the fast Hard drive. But these hard drives expensive than others. However, it is pricy, but it is reliable and fast.

what makes a computer fast
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SSD stands for Solid State Drive means it does not move, and that’s why it is fast than HDD. Many users are buying SSD in this modern era since it is faster than HDD, and if you have some money, you should invest in SSD hard drive.

HDD contains moving parts that can cause slow read/write operation, but SSD doesn’t contain movements. Therefore, data transfer super fast in SSD. SO, if you want fast and smooth computer performance then, you have to go for SSD.

6) Latest Softwares

If you want to run your computer faster and smoothly then, you should use the latest software. The software has two types Applications software and System software. Operating System also plays a role in computer speed.

what makes a computer fast
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If you are using an old operating system and software when you have upgraded your hardware like RAM, Processor, SSD, then it will affect your computer speed. Your computer will work efficiently and fast if you use the latest OS and updated versions of the software since upgraded hardware components are made to use the latest software.

So, you have to use the OS and applications compatible with your hardware; otherwise, there is no need to buy the expensive hardware for your computer. If you want to run your computer fast then, you have to use the latest OS and software.

If you have made to upgrade your OS, then you should read how to make Windows 10 Bootable USB drive and install it in your system.

7) Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

Graphics card or Video card is handy for gamers, and it plays its role in computer speed. If you run a massive game on your computer, your system will be unable to show the heavy graphics, and ultimately your computer will become hang. So, graphic cards are made to fix this issue.

what makes a computer fast
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Graphics in games are becoming more realistic, and you have to use the video card compatible with that game; otherwise, it will not run smoothly. I am sure that this component will add speed to your computer system. Especially, gamers must have a graphic card to run massive games with outstanding graphics.

I recommend you to use external Graphic or Video card with its own GPU and memory. It will not put any extra burden on your computer; instead, it will help your PC run faster. You can also increase your computer performance in Windows 10 for better performance.

Conclusion: What Makes a Computer Fast?

So, the overall computer performance is the sum of all these factors discussed above. Now, if someone asks you, “what makes a computer fast,” then you can easily say the best processor, RAM, SSD, video card, bus speed, latest OS, and software. When all these components work together, your computer runs significantly faster.

Finally, if you want to make your computer faster then, you have to look at these components. At least, you should have a good processor, RAM, and SSD if you want your computer to run smoothly. I hope you have understood all these factors.


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