8 Best Microsoft Add ins for Word in 2020

Microsoft is an amazing tool to create documents and files professionally. This software is developed by Microsoft company and millions of users are using this tool in their daily life. Everyone can easily use this software without having much computer knowledge. It comes with time and effort saving features. There are many Microsoft Add-ins for Word which we can use to make our work easy.

After proper research, I have brought the best Microsoft add-ins for word so that you don’t need to consume your time to find the best add-ins. These features will definitely make your task easy. Make sure to read this full article to enhance your knowledge about them.

What is Microsoft Word Add-ins?

Microsoft word has a number of built-in features that are very useful but we can add some more useful features in it. We add extensions in browsers like chrome, firefox, etc to add extra functionality to our internet browser same is the case with MS Word. We can add extra features called Add-ins just like extensions and I will show you the best Microsoft Add-ins for Word. You can add them in your word and save your precious time.
Moreover, these add-ins are very easy to insert into the MS word. Many people use MS word daily because it is their work. These add-ins are particularly very useful for them and they must utilize them to save their time and effort.

How to Download Mircosoft Add-ins?

First, I will guide you on how to download these add-ins. So, this is quite simple as a chrome extension store. Similarly, Microsoft has it’s own store where we can easily find a number of add-ins and add them to your MS word software.
In simple words, we can find all the add-ins in the Microsoft store. They are packed in different categories, you can choose and add them into your MS word. Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to add them, I will teach you about it as well.

How to Install Microsoft Add-ins to Word?

It is not very difficult to install these add-ins into your MS word. Hardly, it takes around less than five minutes to install it. Follow the given procedure to understand the whole procedure:
     1) Open your Microsoft Word software or install it if you don’t have
     2) In the main menu bar. go to Insert tab.
     3) In this tab, you will find an option called add-ins.
8 Best Microsoft Add ins for Word in 2020
     4) Click on it and it will redirect you to Microsoft store.
     5) Choose any add-in you like and click on Add button and it will be added
     6) You can see all your added plugins in My Add-ins option. You can check it out from there.

Microsoft Add-ins for Word

There are thousands of Microsoft Add-ins for Word but I will review only 8 of them which are very useful and add extra functionality to your MS word. So let’s get started this list.

1) Dropbox Import

8 Best Microsoft Add ins for Word in 2020
The first one in this list is dropbox import. You probably heard about dropbox. It is a workspace and the team can store files into it and every team member can easily access them from anywhere. While working with MS word, you may want to import a file or image from dropbox. This plugin is very useful for them.
You can import your important files easily by using this add-in instead of dropbox software. It can take more time. So, it saves our valuable time and effort. You should add it to your MS Word software and use it since it will male your work easy.

2) Wikipedia

8 Best Microsoft Add ins for Word in 2020

Wikipedia is the most reliable source to get information about anything according to me. Millions of people use it to gain information about past and current situations. It is the largest open-source encyclopedia and it is available on the internet free of cost. You can search for anything here and extract the information about it.

If you are writing about any topic, you can get knowledge within your MS word software without visiting the Wikipedia website. By using this add-in, you can extract information in seconds and add it to your document.

3) Perfectit

8 Best Microsoft Add ins for Word in 2020
Another useful add-in is Perfectit. You might notice that whenever we type, we do spelling, grammar, and preposition mistakes. This is the mistake we often do while writing. If you use MS Word daily basis then, this is a common problem for you. Although Ms word has a built-in feature of autocorrect spelling and grammar, it is not better than this add-in.
Perfectit has some advanced features that MS word built-in does not has like inconsistent hyphenation (email/ e-mail), Capitalization inconsistencies (government/Government) and variation in spelling (colour/color), etc. and many more features are available. I think you must try this plugin.

4) Excel-to-Word Document Automation

8 Best Microsoft Add ins for Word in 2020
Excel to Word document automation allows you to connect your word and excel document to your current document when needed. Sometimes, we need to get data from another word document so by using this plugin we can easily perform this task.
You can link word, excel, PowerPoint, and many more documents with this add-in. This is a very useful plugin. The users who work on a large scale often use this plugin.

5) Symbol Search

8 Best Microsoft Add ins for Word in 2020
With the help of this add-in, you can add different kinds of symbols in your MS word document. Almost every kind of symbol is available in this amazing plugin. You can add emojis as well with this add-in. MS word provides many built-in symbols but this is more advance that.
You can access an entire gallery of symbols by using this MS word add-in. It contains many categories i.e, symbols are packed according to their respective category.
8 Best Microsoft Add ins for Word in 2020
This is a very helpful add-in for Microsoft office. I don’t need to explain the benefits of this plugin since we often need a calculator when we work on Excel and word etc. You can easily access this calculator that’s why is named as a handy calculator.
This calculator will appear on the right side of your word document and you can make calculations anytime when needed. It is a very useful plugin. You should add it to your word.

7) Pixabay Images

8 Best Microsoft Add ins for Word in 2020
We often need images while writing a document. Pixabay Images is a good source in this regard. Those who don’t know about pixabay, I want them to know that it is a free images website where you can access millions of images for free of cost. I regularly use pixabay since I am a content writer and I often need images.
Many users use this website to download high-quality free images. You can add images to your document by using this amazing plugin. It is completely free of cost. You can try it out.

8) Read My Document

8 Best Microsoft Add ins for Word in 2020
Last but not least is read my document. As the name suggests that this add-in will help you to read your document. It means your system will read and you will listen. In this way, you can proofread your own document by using this plugin. This is very useful and you should install it.
It is better to read yourself but if you don’t want then you can try this amazing add-in and rest yourself. You should try it out at least once.


Everyone uses MS word who wants to create a document since word provides us all the tools to create a professional and attractive document. Moreover, these add-ins add extra features in it that make MS word make it more effective. I discussed only a few Microsoft add-ins for word but there are numerous useful plugins. You can try them out as well. I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new. If you find this post helpful don’t forget to share it with your loved ones. And also read my other articles to increase your knowledge about technology.

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