Top 10 Facebook Alternative App For Android in 2020

Facebook is the most popular social media platform on the web. It connects people together and it is used by billions of users around the globe. Most of the users online many times a day on Facebook. It comes with a heavy application. Users face many issues regarding Facebook apps like battery drainage, data usage, a ton of notifications, and many more, etc.  But there are alternative Facebook app in the market. You can use them to avoid these issues.

You have to confess this fact that these social media apps that consume your smartphone battery a lot. So, you have to install only lightweight and best apps. Today, I will guide you towards the Facebook alternative app. You should uninstall Facebook and messenger apps on your android phone since these create many problems.

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Facebook Alternative App

If you are also facing the issues regarding the Facebook app then you can install any application which I will discuss a bit later. Make sure to read this full article. The list of the Facebook alternative app is given below:
  1. Facebook Lite
  2. Fella for Facebook
  3. Folio
  4. Friendly
  5. Swipe for Facebook
  6. Phoenix
  7. Faster for Facebook Lite
  8. WeMe
  9. Vero
  10. Minds

1) Facebook Lite

Top 10 Facebook Alternative App For Android in 2020

Facebook Lite is an application of Facebook. I personally like this app since it consumes less battery and data. You can use this app on a slow internet connection as well. It is the best Facebook alternative ever according to me. You can use almost all the features as the Facebook official app provides.

Some features of the Facebook lite app are given below:
  • Extremely fast as compared to Facebook
  • Saves both battery and data
  • Very simple UI
  • Get notified when some messages like official Facebook app
  • You can save photos as well

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2) Fella For Facebook

Top 10 Facebook Alternative App For Android in 2020

The first one is fella, you can use it as an alternative to Facebook. It contains many features which I will discuss later. You can customize this app completely. It will save your internet MB and battery both since it is a lightweight app. It has the capability to load media even if your internet connection is running slow.


As I mentioned, it contains many features and some of them are given below:
  • You can customize the app with various kinds of colors
  • No ad will be displayed
  • It is fast and easy to use
  • Also Consumes less data
  • There are many languages as well

3) Folio

Top 10 Facebook Alternative App For Android in 2020

According to developers, this app is the fastest social web wrapper. It will save space on your android smartphone. It contains all the features as you can expect from the Facebook alternative. Folio is actually a web browser app. Like other apps, it also saves your battery, you can utilize on other tasks.


Features of this application are given below:
  • If provides messenger and Facebook both in one app
  • Download Photos and videos
  • secure your account with a 4-digit pin
  • Night mode is also available
  • It contains themes as well.

4) Friendly

Top 10 Facebook Alternative App For Android in 2020

Another alternative to Facebook is Friendly. It may be a complete alternative to not only Facebook but other messaging apps. It is a well-known app and downloaded by more than 17 million users around the world. It is a very lightweight app and will not consume much data. It provides you the best privacy.


A few features of friendly are given below:
  • You can easily chat and message your friends within the app
  • Download videos easily and share with friends
  • It blocks advertising and sponsored posts
  • Doesn’t compromise with your privacy
  • You can customize your newsfeed

5) Swipe For Facebook

Top 10 Facebook Alternative App For Android in 2020

Swipe is the next in this list and it provides you complete privacy and awesome user experience. This app is user friendly and has a very simple interface not too complicated. After Facebook Lite, I recommend this application as your Facebook alternative app. It provides you full control over the notifications.


The features of this incredible app are given below:
  • Facebook and Messenger are included in one place
  • It blocks ads and protects your online privacy
  • Provides you amazing themes day/night
  • Download Photos and Videos easily
  • Gives you the best security features

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6) Phoenix

Top 10 Facebook Alternative App For Android in 2020

Phoenix is another Facebook alternative app on the market. It provides you all the features as you can do on Facebook. It can solve your battery and data issues. It is a mobile-friendly and clean interface to its users. Moreover, it provides many additional and unique features that Facebook doesn’t provide you.


  • Again, it provides you Facebook and Messenger in one place
  • Provides the feature of video calling feature
  • You can download and share content
  • Have full control over notifications
  • Also, support multi Facebook account

7) Faster for Facebook Lite

Top 10 Facebook Alternative App For Android in 2020

Faster for Facebook is another amazing alternative, you can utilize. Facebook app spy your activities but this app doesn’t. With this amazing app, you can simply facebook lite layout, login multiple accounts, classic mode, etc, and many more. This app provides powerful features regarding customization.


Some highlighted features are given below:
  • You can protect your Privacy
  • Facebook and messenger are packed in one small app
  • It responses fast than the Facebook app
  • It does not consume your much data

8) MeWe

Top 10 Facebook Alternative App For Android in 2020

Unlike Facebook, MeWe does not show any ads and store your cache to show you relevant ads. If you are looking for better privacy then you should definitely install this app. This app provides you additional features for a low price such as extra cloud storage secret chat options, etc.


Some features of this service are given below:
  • Provide you better security
  • It protects your privacy and doesn’t sell your data
  • It has subscriptions and provides many extra features
  • You can chat with your friends very easily with a simple interface

9) Vero

Top 10 Facebook Alternative App For Android in 2020

Vero is like a next-generation social media platform. It doesn’t algorithms to keep you clicking they want you to click with each other. It contains no ad, data mining and you have complete control over your privacy like whether your next post will be seen by your friends, followers, or both. It contains all the features, you perform on Facebook.


Vero features are given below:
  • It contains no ads, no data mining or algorithms
  • You can select your post audience
  • One can easily track time-spent in-app
  • Direct conservation with your connections

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10) Minds

Top 10 Facebook Alternative App For Android in 2020

The last but not the least is Minds. It is another Facebook alternative app as well as a web-based service. Minds have a special kind of token and it is given to the content creators. It has become successful to attract more than one million users. Minds is partially decentralized and it doesn’t contain any ads like Facebook.


A few features of this mind-blowing app are given below:
  • It is open-source service
  • In terms of feature, Minds is very powerful
  • One can easily create groups, chatting, comment and a lot more
  • You can boost your content just like Facebook
  • It is free from ads

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