How Much RAM Do I Need For Laptop? 4GB 6GB 8GB – It’s enough!

RAM is one of the most important parts of our system. Do you know about RAM? Those who don’t know about it, I want them to know that RAM stands for Random Access Memory and it is also called volatile memory. Temporary data is stored in it. When you log out of your system, data stored in the RAM destroys. When we open any file or program, it loads into RAM first and then you are able to use that program or a particular file. RAM memory is usually measured in GigaBytes. But the question is how much ram do I need for a laptop or even for a computer?

Some times ago, there’s a quote often attributed to Bill Gates that goes something like “No one would ever need more than 640 kilobytes of memory in their computer”. Well, turns out he never actually said that but it got us wondering how much ram do you actually need in modern times. Some computers have 4GB RAM and many Laptops have 8GB RAM etc.

To find the answer to this question, you have to read this full article in order to understand the factors to determine the quantity of RAM. You must bear in your mind that your PC/Laptop is useless without RAM. I explain to you how. Operating System is the soul of your Computer/Laptop. OS( Operating System) is system software and every software, program, or file first loads into RAM and then you can use it. If your computer doesn’t have RAM, it means you can not use the operating system since it is system software (It can not load into RAM since you don’t have). First, we will discuss the RAM introduction.

What Is RAM and How Does It Work?

How Much RAM Do I Need For Laptop? 4GB 6GB 8GB - It's enough!


Let’s start off with the basics. Ram stands for random access memory. Similar to a computer’s hard drive, the RAM also stores data however, the RAM generally has lower data capacities and hard drives have more capacity. What’s the use of the RAM? The RAM stores certain data temporarily for easy access. The computer can access data faster from RAM then it can for a hard drive.
So certain files are temporarily saved on the RAM. So, in effect, we can sort of comparing the hard drive and RAM to the human brain. The hard drive is our long term memory and the RAM is our short zone. What sort of file does our computer save in the RAM for quick access? When we start a program on our computer the computer will copy some files necessary for the running of the program from the hard drive to the RAM. See the snap below:
How Much RAM Do I Need For Laptop? 4GB 6GB 8GB - It's enough!
Games also use RAM. When the games load screen is on, all the necessary files are being copied into the RAM. Temporarily, the RAM can be accessed quicker than the hard drive. So, the game doesn’t stutter much. If we left the data stored on the hard drive then he will take too long to load up the files for the game such as the character and the surroundings as soon as you quit the game or finish the level.
RAM is faster than the hard drive as I discussed above. RAM has some processes like reading and writing a file. When you save a file, it means you are writing. Similarly, opening a file means you are reading. Copying a file from one location to another means both operation reading and writing.
How Much RAM Do I Need For Laptop? 4GB 6GB 8GB - It's enough!

Ram is a volatile memory. What this means is unlike a hard drive the RAM will immediately drop everything saved on it as soon as the power to it is cut off. So, when you shut down your computer everything which has been stored in the RAM gets deleted.

The only reason you would want to purchase more Ram is if you’re planning to do multitasking or if you use programs that are rather demanding like video editing. The more programs you open the more data which has to be temporarily saved on the RAM. Therefore if you’re into multitasking then you may consider getting more RAM.

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How Much RAM Do I Need For Laptop?

How Much RAM Do I Need For Laptop? 4GB 6GB 8GB - It's enough!

Well, let’s start with the kind of RAM that most of us are familiar with the main system memory living inside your desktop or laptop PC. It’s quickly becoming common for budget computers to come with 4GB of RAM while mid-range machines often have 8GB, on the higher end 16GB or even 32GB of memory is easy to find but is it worth paying a premium for that?

Here’s the deal unless you’re seriously cash-strapped, it’s worth getting at least 8GB even if you’re not planning to do anything with your computer beyond basic productivity like web browsing and watching fine YouTube videos. But this quantity of RAM is only for basic use. Quantity of RAM depends on many factors like gaming, watching videos (4K, 8K or higher), video editing, etc. We will discuss them individually.

How Much RAM Is Needed For Gaming?

How Much RAM Do I Need For Laptop? 4GB 6GB 8GB - It's enough!
If you want to buy a gaming PC then, how much RAM do you need for smooth performance? Well, the answer becomes a little more complicated. You see many big-budget games these days recommend 16GB of memory but the thing to keep in mind is that system requirements for games often are not validated well.
It turns out that many games that ask you to use a system with 16 gigs of RAM can actually get by just fine on 8GB with only a very marginal performance drop if any. However, as games get more complex this may not be the case in the near future. Especially as some games actively do make use of more than eight gigs of system memory and only having eight gigs can also hinder your ability to do anything else.
While you’re playing a game such as streaming so we’d recommend 16 gigs as a sweet spot for gamers and especially streamers. This is the quantity of RAM is enough if you want to buy a gaming PC or Laptop. However, as I said earlier, it may change in the future because technology is becoming more advanced day by day and games are also becoming more realistic.

How Much RAM Is Needed For Multi-tasking and Video Editing?

How Much RAM Do I Need For Laptop? 4GB 6GB 8GB - It's enough!


Of course, many of boards have for RAM slots which makes upgrading to 32 gigs if you’ve got the money but investing in this much is probably only worth it if you’re working with lots of data at once such as large photosets or editing high-resolution video and especially if you’re multitasking creating a high-resolution video with you know edited photos in it.
Furthermore, with how long it takes certain kinds of media files to render you’ll probably want to use your rig for other things. While your content renders in the background and this is where having 32 gigs of memory or more if you’re into that whole 8k thing can really come in handy as for 3d modelers animators or scientists well their memory requirements are basically limited only by the size of the scenes or the data sets that they’re working.
So, if you work on a large scale like multi-tasking or edit videos like 4K, 8K or higher then, 32GB RAM is for you. This is a huge quantity of RAM. You will not face any difficulty.

How to Check Computer RAM?

Now, we will discuss how can we check the quantity of computer RAM? Well, it is very easy to check if you already know about it then, you can jump to the next section. There many ways to check but I will show you 2 Methods.

First Method: 

Follow the given steps to check your computer/Laptop RAM:
     1) Type About in your windows search bar.
     2) Click on About your PC 
     3) Here, you will see the complete detail of your system including RAM like below:
How Much RAM Do I Need For Laptop? 4GB 6GB 8GB - It's enough!

Second Method:

You can also follow the second method to do the same thing:
     1) Right-click on This PC on the Windows Desktop.
     2) Click on Properties in the drop-down menu.
     3) Here, you can see the details about Processor, Operating System and RAM installed.
How Much RAM Do I Need For Laptop? 4GB 6GB 8GB - It's enough!

What to Consider When Buying RAM?

This is also very important to know about the important things before buying the RAM for your system. These points are discussed below:
  1. RAM Type
  2. RAM Frequency
  3. Number of Slots
  4. Maximum RAM supported

These are some important points you must bear in mind before buying RAM. These things depend on your motherboard specifications. If you don’t about these terms then, you can google them or approach an expert to buy RAM for you.

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