How to Change Drive Icon in Any Windows Operating System?

Have you tired of the traditional windows drive icons and want to try sonething unique?

Well, we will replace these ugly drive icons with a new ones like below:

how to change drive icons

You can set according to your taste. In this way, we can easily recognize the type of drive like games, music, software etc.

So in this quick guide, I will teach you how to change drive icons in windows.

How to Change Drive Icons?

Changing the icons size is very easy and few steps far. First, we will download the desired icons.

How to Download Icons?

There are several websites that provide this facitily to download icons free of cost. Some of them are iconarchive, icon-icon etc.

how to change drive icons

You can download directly from Google as well.

The extension must be .ico otherwise it will not work. So, download your desired icons for each drive.

Method to Change Drive Icon

Hope, you have downloaded your favourite icons. Now, I will teach you the complete method.

Important Note:

We will work with registry editor therefore, don't make any additional changes otherwise, you may damage your window.

To change the icons properly, you have to follow these steps carefully even spellings. 

Changes in Windows Folder

Before starting the main procedure, we have to do some work on the windows folder.

It will ask for administrator permission for each operation you will perform, just give it a permission.

Follow each step with full attention:

  • Navigate to C Drive > Windows
  • Create a folder named "DriveIcon".
how to change drive icons

Now, copy and paste all the icons in this folder which you have downloaded with .ico extension.

We need to copy the path of each icon. The easiest way to copy the path of any file is to right-click on it while holding shift key from the keyboard. Then, click on Copy as path from menu as below:

how to change drive icons

Give these icons an appropriate name so that you can easily navigate them.

Changes in Registry Editor

Now, will we start the actual method. Follow the given steps very carefully:

  • Search "Registry Editor" in windows search bar and open it.
how to change drive icons
  • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Classes.
how to change drive icons
  • Righ-Click on Classes > New > Key and name it as "Applications".
how to change drive icons
  • Now, right-click on Applications > New > Key and name it as "explorer.exe".
  • Again, right-click on explorer.exe and create a new key and name it as "Drives"
  • Inside the Drives, create a new Key with the letter of the drive (e.g. C, D, E, F etc.), you want to change the icon.
  • Finally, create a last key inside the drive letter with the name "DefaultIcon"
how to change drive icons
  • Single click the DefaultIcon, you just created, and open "(Default)" file. on the right side.
how to change drive icons
  • A new window will appear. Finally, paste the path (without double-quotation) of the icon you want to set in the value data feild and click on Ok.
how to change drive icons
  • That's it, the icon of that particular drive has changed.
how to change drive icons

As you can see that I have changed the icon of three drives E, F, and G in the same way as above.

how to change drive icons

By following this method, you can change the icon of any drive. Just create a key inside the Drives with the letter your drive has and then, create new key inside the letter named DedaultIcon and paste the path in the file.

You can remove them anytime as well.

If you are still unable to change the icons then, you did mistake in either spellings or something else.

Final Words

I tried to explain the each step in detail. Changing the drive icons give a unique look and users like it.

If you learned something fresh then, don't hesitate to express your feelings in the comment.

Also, spread the love if you think that it is very useul guide. So, give your hands a little bit move and share it with others.

Hi, I'm Muhammad Bilal, founder of Tech Spying, that provides useful tech related tips, tricks, hacks, how to and much more stuff. I am a part time content writer and feed this blog with helpful technology skills.

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