How to Change Message Background on Android Easily? [2023]

Are you fed up with the default message background color and looking for how to change the android text message background? Well! this problem affects more than just you.

According to the Android Authority survey, more than 30% of users have installed the android launcher on their smartphone for more customizations.

Is that also you?

Android OS allows you to customize your phone easily. Among the options are different themes and backgrounds, screen orientation, the language of text, and so on.

How to change message background color on android

One of the customization options is to change the message background. It can be very boring to read text messages with the default Android background color.

By assigning a different color to the message background, it also becomes easier for users to quickly interpret the message.

Continue reading this article to learn how to change the message background on android phones with or without using a third-party app.

How to Change Message Background on Android?

The white color is set out as the default text message app background on smartphones.

While the text messaging app can be customized without an app, the functionality will be limited. You’ll need a third-party application to have more control.

We’ll see two methods about how to change text background on android:

  1. Using Default Message Settings
  2. Using Third-Party Messaging Apps

So, let’s start out learning about how to change message background on android easily.

1) Using Default Message Settings

On most Android devices, the instructions will be nearly the same, but if you can’t locate any specific settings, you can search by device model.

Today, most smartphone manufacturers use the Google message app instead of their own message apps, which have unique interfaces and settings.

So, let’s start by going over the procedure for both types of android devices to know how to change text background on android:

For Smartphones Without The Google Message App:

If your smartphone comes with its own default messaging app then, you can follow this method.

Don’t have time to read the text?

Don’t worry, watch this short video and save time.

If the android device you’re using has its own designed text messages app, you can change its background easily.


Note: You may need to follow different instructions depending on the model of your device

Follow the given procedure according to your device model to know how to change text message background on android:

Navigate to the Message app and tap on three dots in the upper-right corner as shown below:

how to change message background on android

Go to Settings > Background

how to change message background on android

Now, you can change the text background on Android as you like. You can also set your custom-designed wallpaper too.

So, this is how to set the wallpaper for text messages on android easily by following a few steps.

For most smartphones, this method of how to change the text message background on android will work.

If it doesn’t work for you, consider changing your mobile theme by going into Settings > Theme store

how to change message background on android

If none of the above works, jump to the next section.

For Smartphones Using Google Message App

Wondering how to change the background on google messages? Unfortunately, you can only switch between light and dark themes in this messaging app.

Google message is the default messaging app on most smartphones.

Google message’s custom background feature is not available instead, you can only change the theme.

Alternatively, you can use a third-party messaging app for more customization options, which we will discuss in a moment.


Follow the given steps to know how to change the messages background:

First, open the Message app

Tap on three dots > Choose a theme

how to change message background on android

Here, you can select the theme according to your preference.

how to change message background on android

Dark mode can also be chosen by navigating to Settings. In this way, you can change google messages background.

It’ll apply dark mode everywhere. This is how to change the message background on android using the Google messaging app.

2) Using Third-Party Messaging Apps

You can find numerous text message apps on the market that provide various customization options, but here are the top 5 best messaging apps you should consider.

Also, you have to keep away from malicious android apps that can harm your device.

These messaging apps allow you to choose your own theme and background from a variety of options.

Let’s take a closer look.

1) Textra SMS

Textra SMS - how to change message background on android

PriceFree and in-app purchase

Textra SMS app can be the ideal alternative to Google’s default messaging application.

You can use it to replace your default messaging app with something beautiful, fast, and fully customizable.

It has an extensive list of features, including hundreds of material design-free themes, bubble & app icon colors, change font size, copy partial text, etc.

Moreover, it has custom-made stickers and animated GIFs, schedule messages, quick replies, auto-reply, etc.

It’s completely free and you can use all its powerful features free of charge for a lifetime.

It’s a good texting app to check out to change the text message background on android. Now, you’re able to change the android message’s background.

  • Offers more than 180 theme designs to choose from
  • Express yourself with your preferred emoji style
  • Awesome copy partial text feature
  • All features are available for free (with ads)

2) Color SMS

Color SMS - how to change message background on android

Price: Free

Color SMS comes with a range of vibrant fonts, stunning animation, and excellent performance, making it a good alternative to your normal messaging app.

There are plenty of features like message themes, message icons, and pop-up windows available for free of charge.

It comes with a variety of customization options such as font color, own themes, dual sim support, font sizes, change text message backgrounds color, and many more to improve your experience when you text.

You can select any message theme according to your liking and change the text background on android.

It is easy to backup your messages using the ColorSMS app in case anything happens to your device or you lose it.

This app is completely safe to use and has a simple interface. I recommend trying it at least once since it’s one of the best text messaging apps.

  • Provides a powerful search feature
  • Easily Back up and Restore your messages
  • Fully supports Multi-SIM phones

3) Handcent Messaging app

Handcent - how to change message background on android

PriceFree and in-app purchases

Handcent messaging app is one of the best SMS apps with ultimate message customization options. It allows you to send and receive messages from your friends as well as all over the world.

This app provides the most stunning experience in SMS for users by making it easier to use, quicker, and more user-friendly.

To make the SMS messenger more attractive, you can change its color.

With Handcent, you can send stickers, emojis, and gifs to produce a look that is appealing to your friends.

It’s not just an SMS messaging app pioneer but also a complete messaging app customizer. It’s easily available in the play store.

There are also quality apps that are not in the play store but provide quality to users. Google play store restricts them.

It’s also available for iOS devices. So, by using this awesome app, you can change the text message background on android.

  • Send a message in bulk to a group of recipients
  • Backup your text messages to the cloud
  • Offers reliable protection for texts
  • Supports Android wear devices too

4) Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS - how to change message background on android

PriceFree and in-app purchase

Chomp SMS is also a great alternative to the stock Android phone SMS/MMS app. It’s easy to use, has a lot of options for customization, and offers a variety of wallpapers and themes.

It’s a well-rounded SMS app that offers a large number of features like using custom shortcuts, themes, encryption, and much more.

You can choose your favorite message theme and enjoy a customizable messaging experience.

You can change LED notification colors when you receive messages. Furthermore, you can change font size, background color, and screen color.

  • Secure your texts with a passcode
  • Sends SMS on a scheduled basis
  • Make your text beautiful with emojis
  • The quick reply feature is available even on the lock screen

5) GO SMS Pro

GO SMS Pro - how to change message background on android

PriceFree and in-app purchases

There are more than 100 million android phone users using the GO SMS Pro app around the world, making it one of the most popular messaging apps.

You can change the text message background as you’re looking for.

GO SMS Pro app provides hundreds of customizable themes and fun stickers to enhance messaging. There are both free and paid plans available.

Premium plans include advanced features, such as disabling sponsored messages, advanced private boxes, unlimited cloud storage, and many themes.

It’s one of the best SMS message apps out there. Change the android messages background according to your preferences.

  • Backs up messages in the cloud
  • Delay your messages to correct mistakes
  • Customize your theme from hundreds of options
  • Offers a private message box to encrypt your communication

Pros & Cons of the Google Messages App

Google Messages is a popular messaging application developed by Google. The app has a clean and simple design and offers a range of features, such as message scheduling, message reactions, and message search

It supports SMS, MMS, and RCS messaging. Users gain access to many features, but at the same time, there are a few drawbacks.

Many smartphones are coming with the Google messages app. As with other messaging apps, users can send and receive messages from anywhere in the world with this app.


  • Supports Rich Communication Services (RCS)
  • Integrates with Google Duo
  • Available via the Web, just like WhatsApp
  • Simple Interface
  • Provides read receipts feature (Whether someone has read or received a message)
  • Send Images as well as documents


  • Fewer customization options
  • There is no custom wallpaper or background option available
  • Less secure as compared to other messaging apps like Signal

For a customized messaging experience, I compared 5 messaging apps. With these apps, you can change the background, and set your favorite theme.

Moreover, set your favorite background wallpaper, filter spam messages, change text style, chat with friends, have bubble-style chat, and much more.

Each app offers unique features that other messaging applications lack. In order to find the best one, you need to check and test their functionality individually.

Nonetheless, these apps are the best for changing the color of the message background.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the message background on the default Android messaging app?

The default Android messaging app may not have the option to change the message background. However, you can use a third-party messaging app that allows for more customization options.

Can I change the message background for individual chats on Android?

Some messaging apps allow you to change the message background for individual chats. Check the app settings to see if this is an option. For example, in WhatsApp, you can select “Custom” when changing the chat wallpaper and choose which chat to apply it to.

Will changing the message background on Android affect the performance of my device?

Changing the message background on Android should not affect the performance of your device, as it is a cosmetic change that does not require a lot of processing power. However, using a custom image with a high resolution may take up more storage space on your device.

Can I use a GIF or video as the message background on Android?

Some messaging apps may allow you to use a GIF or video as the message background, but this feature is not available on all messaging apps. Check the app settings to see if this option is available.

Can I change the message background on Android without downloading a third-party app?

Yes, some default messaging apps may allow you to change the message background without downloading a third-party app. However, many built-in messaging apps like Google Message doesn’t support custom background.

Final thoughts: Change Text Messages Background on Android phone

Everyone wants to customize their android phones to their liking.

Besides changing the message background, you can also change the font size and color of your Android device easily.

By changing the background color of a text message application, we can make it look more eye-catching and distinctive.

This article guided you on how to change the message background on android phones. Do share it with your friends so that they can benefit from it too.

Moreover, you can read my other useful articles to enhance your knowledge about technology.

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