How To Change The Default Google Account?

Gmail is an email service provided by Google. Almost every user has a Gmail account and even more than one account. I personally have many Gmail accounts since it’s free. Google has no restrictions on a certain number of accounts rather you can make as many Gmail accounts as you want. But there is a problem with multiple Gmail accounts that is we have to switch to different Gmail IDs. This is irritating and I face this difficulty as well. But Google provides the solution that is to make your primary Gmail Id as a default one. Today, I will guide you on how to change the default Google account.

Google has many products like Youtube, Drive, Playstore, Gmail, Meet, Photos, Duo, and much more. So, we use a Gmail account to access all the Google products easily. If we make a default Gmail account then, we don’t need to select the account again, and again rather it will automatically select the default one. How cool is that? It has solved our problem.

If you really want to change your default Google Account then you have to follow this full guide. Although we can create multiple accounts but the problem is that which account is our default? So, make sure to read this full article so that you can easily understand how to change the default Google account. 

How To Change The Default Google Account

Changing the default Gmail account method is different in desktop Computer/Laptops and on Android. But don’t worry I will show you both the methods. So, let’s first discuss about how to change the default Google account on the Chrome browser in computers. So, let’s dive into it.
First, I want you to know that what Google says about it? According to Google, the first sign in the account is your default account. For instance, if you have two accounts like ‘a’ and ‘b’ and you signed in with ‘a’ account first then with ‘b’. In this case, ‘a’ is your default account. I hope you have understood the Google statement.

Visual Representation

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How To Change The Default Google Account?

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Method to Change Default Account

Now, I will show you the complete step by step guide towards changing your default Gmail account. Follow the given steps to do so:
Note: For the experiment, you can log in to all your Google accounts in incognito mode. After that, you can try this in a normal window.
     1) First, go to Google site.
     2) Click on your Gmail avatar (Photo) like below:
How To Change The Default Google Account?
     3) Scroll down and click on sign out and your account will log out.
     4) Now after logging out all your accounts, go to the Gmail website.
     5) Sign in with your account which you want to make your default one. Remember this account since it will be your default Gmail account.
     6) After that, you can log in with your other Gmail accounts by clicking on your avatar and then Add account.
How To Change The Default Google Account?
     7) The first sign in the account will be your default account (as discussed in step 5).
     8) That’s it.
This is a very simple method to change the default Gmail account. If you use a Gmail account on a daily basis then, you will not face any difficulty since the method is very easy. It is important here that now when you log in to any Google product, it will use your default Google account. There are many extra tips about multiple accounts. See the next section to read them.
If you are serious with your Gmail Account security then, you have to set a very strong password. Here I have written a complete article on generating a strong password and thus you can save your account from hackers.

Tips About Multiple Gmail Accounts

Although you have changed your default Gmail account, it doesn’t mean that you can not access other Gmail accounts. Gmail provides us a facility to easily switch between your accounts. In this way, you can access any of your accounts in the same browser. To switch between accounts, simply go to google site and click on your avatar and select any account you want to switch to.

But here are a few tips for you to manage multiple Google accounts:

How To Change The Default Google Account?

1) Use Distinct Profile Picture

Always use a unique and distinct profile picture so that you can easily recognize your all accounts. It is a good practice to use your own personal photo since it is easy to organize as well.

2) Incognito Mode 

If you want to use your Gmail account for a short time, it is better to sign in that account in incognito mode. I also use this method every day.

3) Multiple Profiles

Google Chrome provides us a feature that you can create multiple profiles. So, create a separate profile for each Gmail account. It is an amazing feature for you if you own multiple Google accounts since you don’t need to change the default Gmail account.

4) Chrome Extensions

There are many Google Chrome extensions like Multi-Login, SessionBox, and Multi-Session Box, etc to log in to a particular site with different IDs. So, you can utilize them as well. For instance, if you want to login to Facebook with different ids then these extensions can help you in this regard.

5) Use only Primary Gmail

It is a very helpful thing that you should log in to your Chrome browser with your primary Google account and keep all the other accounts away. In this way, you can easily bookmark the sites according to your primary Google account.

These are a few tips to manage your multiple Gmail accounts. You can follow them and I am sure that they will make your accounts to manage easily. Having multiple accounts is nod bad since we need accounts for various purposes. Sometimes, we don’t want to provide our primary email address so, we can give any other address. There are many benefits to having multiple Gmail Accounts. I personally have many Google accounts.

Last Words and My Choice

So, this is the whole procedure of changing the default Google account. I hope you understood the whole procedure. The method is very simple and easy. Even a user without having much knowledge can easily follow this procedure. Also, follow the tips since these are very useful to manage more than one Google account. Especially, give more attention to multiple profiles since it’s a powerful feature of Chrome.
Having multiple Chrome profiles will help you to manage your accounts easily. Log in your Gmail account in a separate Chrome profile. Many users utilize this amazing feature of chrome. So, this is all for today. If you find my hard work helpful then, share it with your friends. Read other useful posts like this one and increase your knowledge.
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