How To Run exe Files on Android? Ultimate Guide

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you might wonder "Can I use Windows programs on Android?" The Good news is yes, you can and I will guide you on how to run exe files on android.

The current Android Operating System can not run exe files directly rather we need an exe file opener to use these programs on our smartphone. It is important to know that you can't run all types of programs on android. Heavy programs can't be executed on Android.

The question may come into your mind that "why would I want to execute windows files on Android?" Well, the main reason maybe you want to run windows games on android which are not available for android OS. Android apps can easily be used on Windows by using an emulator.

There are many file openers are available for Android as well to use windows software on android. After much hard work. I have brought the best exe file opener for you so that you don't find them. You should read till the end if you want to know about these apps otherwise you can leave right now.

How to Run exe Files on Android?

We are going to use the Wine app for android to use the windows software in our android smartphone with easy steps. If you use Linux OS then, you may know about this app. However, you don't need to know. We will discuss the whole procedure.


There are some requirements that you have to fulfil in order to continue the procedure to run windows programs on Android. You only need to have two requirements:

  • Smartphone
  • Good Internet Connection
  • Wine app

How to Download and Install Wine App?

The first step is to install the wine app for your android device. To download the best version for your device, follow the given steps:

  • Go to Wine website 
  • You will find the different versions here. 
  • Scroll down and download the latest one.
  • Every version has two apps i.e, arm and x86
  • Read the following paragraph to choose the compatible version for yourself.
how to run exe files on android

First, you need to confirm which type of processor your smartphone has. If your smartphone has an Intel processor then download the x86 app of the latest version. If your processor chip is based on arm chipset then, go for arm app.

run exe files on android

Only download the appropriate version of an app otherwise you will not be able to run Windows programs on Android.

Once you have downloaded the compatible version of the wine app, the next step is to install that application to your android smartphone. The installation process is very easy. You can do it easily.

   Enable Unknown resources before installing the app.

How to use Wine App?

Once you have successfully installed the wine app on your smartphone, it will look like windows since it provides you Windows environment. You will see a little command prompt. Its look is a little bit boring but something is better than nothing.

As I said earlier, you can't install every computer software since every software has its own requirements and android OS can not fulfill these prerequisites. So, only install light software and games so that you can use it smoothly.

If you have not installed the compatible version of the wine app than you will face a lot of errors then, I am not responsible for it. So, check out your smartphone processor first before downloading the app.

There are many other apps as well on the internet which perform the same task i.e, install windows apps on an android smartphone but I like the wine of all.

How to Install Windows Programs on Android?

Now, we are able to install windows software on our android smartphone. First, you have to download the desired software or copy from your computer to the SD card. Insert the card to your smartphone.

Follow the given procedure to install the software on phone:

  • Launch the wine app on your smartphone
  • Tap on the Start button, at the bottom left corner, and then tap on Run
run exe files on android
  • Click on Browse and locate the software, you want to install 
run exe files on android
  • Once you select the software, tap on Open like below:
how to run exe files on android
  • Click on OK and the installation process will begin
  • You can easily install the software

This is how you can install the Windows software on your phone in a couple of steps. You may face an error while installing some heavy software since your smartphone is unable to meet the minimum requirements of some programs.

How to Launch the Software?

So, you have successfully installed software on your smartphone. Some programs automatically launch after installation. If your program is unable to auto-start then, you can manually run it.

There are two ways to launch the installed programs on your phone. You can choose any method and enjoy the windows software on your phone. These methods are given below:

  • The shortcut of the software will be generated on your wine app desktop. You can run it by double-tapping. This is the easiest way to launch the program.
run exe files on android
  • If you are unable to find the shortcut of software then click on Start > Programs > Select your software. Your program will quickly open and you can use it.

Last Words

If you don't have a computer or laptop then, you can use Windows programs on your phone. I hope you have understood how to run exe files on android. I suggest you use the Windows software on your desktop computer/Laptop.

You can't run the software properly on android as you can use on the computer. Moreover, your smartphone is unable to run heavy software.

I hope you learned something new by reading this article. This is how to run exe files on Android. If you find it helpful, share with your loved ones so that they can enhance their tech knowledge as well. Also, read my other useful articles to learn about technology.

How to Run exe Files on Android?

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