How to Set up RDP on Windows 10?

To set up RDP on windows 10 is straightforward but many people find it difficult to access it on windows 10. So, this is a quick step by step guide on how to set up RDP on windows 10.

Microsoft added a feature of remote desktop connection for users to connect to remote servers easily and this is what we are going to utilize to set up RDP.

What is RDP?

Those who don’t know what RDP is, I want to give a little introduction. RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. We can access to remote computer over internet on local computer.

There are many companies that provide this service including Google, Microsoft, amazon etc. You pay some money and then, you can use these powerful servers.

how to set up rdp on windows 10

You can set up the system according to your requirements like RAM and storage. Increasing the memory will increase your cost as well.

Moreover, you can choose any operating system you like. You can access it from anywhere in the world.

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Benefits of RDP

There are many benefits of remote desktop protocol.  Some of the main advantages are given below:

  • You can access this remote computer from anywhere and anytime in this world. You just need to login to your account.
  • Normally, we have systems of RAM at least 8GB but in case of RDP, you can choose any amount of RAM like 64GB and even more than that.
  • It provides you good internet speed. You can enjoy high internet speed even in GBs.
  • You can store your data in these servers and then, you are able to access them from anywhere.
  • Remote Desktop Protocol provides you high security. Your data is most important therefore, companies ensure to provide strict security.

How to Set up RDP on Windows 10?

Now, I will teach how can you access RDP on your windows. It is very easy and need few steps only.

To use RDP on your windows 10, you must have following credentials:

  1. Compute IP address
  2. Username
  3. Password

These information is provided by the RDP service providers. Once the remote desktop server is created, you are given the IP address, username and password.

how to set up rdp on windows 10

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While configuration, you set username and password. You have to save these details in some file so that you can copy-paste these details when needed.

Now, follow the given procedure to set up RDP on your Windows OS:

1) Search for “Remote Desktop Connection” in the bottom search bar and click on it.

how to set up rdp on windows 10

2) Enter the IP Address, given by your RDP service provider

how to set up rdp on windows 10

3) Now, click on Connect.

4) It will ask for Username and Password. Enter these details and click on Ok

how to use rdp on windows 10

5) Your RDP will be launched.

how to use rdp on windows 10

6) That’s it.

Final Words

This is the easiest way to access the RDP on your windows OS. Now, you have the full access to this remote desktop including administrative depending on your RDP service provider.

I hope you find this quick guide helpful and leaned how to set up RDP on windows 10 environment. If did any mistake, I feel sorry that.

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how to set up rdp on windows 10

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