Installing the New macOS Monterey Successfully

Mac users are getting prepared for the new software for their devices – the macOS Monterey whose release date is coming soon this fall (at the time of writing). All the users worldwide will be able to install the new system on their computers.

But those people who cannot wait patiently, have an option to install macOS Monterey in a public beta version and enjoy the new software. If you are an impatient user who cannot wait to release the official version, you can follow our useful tips on installing macOS Monterey beta version.

Tips on Installing macOS

Usually, the beta version of macOS Monterey is available only for developers, and the public beta version can be installed by any user who has joined the public beta program.

The main goal of the beta version is to find errors and bugs in the system and fix them until the official release. That’s why you should understand that beta software can make your computer freeze and include various problems on the Mac because it’s not an official version that is checked and released.

The system may crash, and some apps may not work at all, so you should be ready for such unexpected situations.

Where to Find MacOS Monterey?

Anyone can find and download the macOS Monterey beta in the Beta Software Program from Apple. If you have any Apple device compatible with the new system and an Apple ID, you can enroll in the program.

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Also, you can download this software to try the new features before the release. The date wasn’t set by the company, and it’s expected this fall.

Tips on Installing macOS

What are the Features of the New System?

Of course, the new software has new features to improve your work on the computer and make it faster.

Are you in hurry?

You can also watch this short video tutorial as well and bookmark this post to read it later:

Here are a few features of the macOS Monterey we expect to see after the official release:

Manageable Safari tabs

When you are surfing the Internet using Safari, it can be quite difficult to manage tabs there, especially if you have many tabs opened. The new Safari 15 has new features to create tab groups to work faster and effectively.

Create note files quickly

With a Quick Note feature, you can make a new file with notes fast. This is a very simple but very powerful feature you should be informed about.

Adjust the Focus option

This is almost the same feature that Does Not Disturb any macOS. Focus has many preferences and features to adjust for your personal needs and make your work more comfortable.

Live text and lookup

With this feature, you can easily select any text in a picture, copy it, and paste it somewhere. It’s also possible to look up this text in Maps or on the Internet.

Tips on Installing macOS

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Low Power Mode

This is a feature that helps to reduce consumption: it turns down the brightness of your screen to save your battery life longer.

Changing the color of the cursor

You can easily change the cursor’s color to make it more noticeable or just for fun.

Full keyboard access

For those users who prefer to use a keyboard for navigation, this is a great feature to work almost without the mouse or a trackpad.

Tips on Installing macOS

Wrapping Up

These are only a few features of the new system we highlighted in our article. If you want to try on the new OS until its public release, you can easily join the Beta Software Program, download the beta version, and install it on your device to enjoy the new system!

Of course, you should know there may be some unpredictable situations like freezing or crashing because the beta version still has bugs and issues to fix by its developers.

Those people who aren’t sure they are ready for this should wait until the operating system will be released officially.

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