10 Malicious Android Apps List – You Should Uninstall

Play Store is a Google product where you can find almost every application. There are billions of apps published in the play store but many of them have evil intentions. Some apps are very dangerous for your android smartphone since they can harm in the form of battery and data consumption. Here, I have prepared 10 malicious android apps list and you must uninstall them.

As we know that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming very popular and they are actually the future. These are digital currencies. But the fact is that many apps are using your smartphone computing power to mine these cryptocurrencies. They try various ways to trap users. In this way, your device becomes heated and slows down as well.

Many apps are designed in such a way that you think they are very beneficial but in reality, these are the worse apps that steal your precious data stored in your device. When we install and launch such applications, these apps demand certain permissions and we blindly allow them which is our huge mistake. In today’s article, I will show you a malicious android apps list. So, read till the end.

10 Malicious Android Apps List You Should Uninstall
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Malicious Android Apps List

Now, we will start exposing malicious apps and you should be ready to uninstall these apps from your android smartphone. So, let’s dive in.


10 Malicious Android Apps List - You Should Uninstall

The first one in the malicious app list is the AIMP application. This popular audio player has more than 10 million installs. The reviews score is really good with a 4.6 out of 5 and with all things being said it looks like a great app even one of the top reviewers says, I love this very good audio app.

Sadly on my system, it’s listed with high power consumption due to the devious tactics. By the app developer to generate income, users of this app are probably unaware that their films are being mined. So if you’re looking for an audio app on Android you should avoid AIMP. There are many quality audio players for Android. VLC is one that I trust.

2) Block Strike

10 Malicious Android Apps List - You Should Uninstall

Next up is a game in the Play Store called block Strike. This first-person shooter is also very popular with more than 10 million installs and has an overall review score of 4.0 out of 5. If you enjoy these types of games, there’s plenty to choose from in the store for more reputable developers.

This is not only the which is dangerous but also Parkour Simulator 3D and many more. They harm your smartphone in many ways. So, stop playing these kinds of games rather than install other games which are safe.

3) NeoNeoMiner

10 Malicious Android Apps List - You Should Uninstall

NeoNeoMinor with more than 50,000 installs is also one to avoid this one uses a third-party mining module called coin miner which has been known to masquerade other apps and is bundled with a miner that runs in the background. You should not allow these types of apps to use your smartphone CPU.

According to me, you should avoid all the crypto mining apps since they all work in the same way. These apps cause our smartphone to run slow. Don’t install these types of apps to earn money rather than try other ways.

4) UC Browser

10 Malicious Android Apps List - You Should Uninstall

UC browser has over 500 million downloads. It’s one of the most popular Android apps in India, China, and other countries, but behind its popularity, there’s a dark side. It’s very harmful to your device. Through the permissions, you can see it needs your call logs, contacts, SMS it needs to modify those.

Now, while the browser needs all this personal information basically it requests permission for everything. It is fast because it compresses your data when you visit websites but previously it has been accused of leaking data to third party analytics company and even it sends your device’s personal information like IMEI number and other Android related information to Alibaba analytics tool.
The most frightening part is that it sends your device’s location up to the street name to Chinese servers it’s very harmful and more than that it shows you spam notifications and all the data sends to third-party Chinese service is unencrypted and so the data can be hacked.

5) Clean Master

10 Malicious Android Apps List - You Should Uninstall

Now, this is a very popular Android app. It promises to free your smartphone from junk files and speeds up your RAM but trust me it deceives us. Nowadays, Android is very smart and you don’t need a separate app to clean cache since all the smartphones have built-in features of cleaning cache storage.

Now coming to the RAM, it basically kills your applications that are running in the backgrounds but believe me, in the long run, those applications start up again and Android is very smart to manage those applications. You don’t need third-party apps to make your phone even faster.
this app promises to speed up your phone but in reality it slows down your phone and the developer that’s cheetah mobile is a very sketchy developer I don’t trust this company. So, uninstall this app right now.

6) DU Battery Saver

10 Malicious Android Apps List - You Should Uninstall

DU battery saver app promises to optimize a battery and even help you to charge your device faster. Now, trust me you can’t make your phone charge faster if you don’t have faster support, and more than that it just speeds off your phone’s memory for a temporary amount of time by just killing background applications.

Moreover, when you object click on this optimized button it just shows you a lot of ads and these ad scripts take a lot of battery and performance power. You have to goodbye to this application and never install it again.

7) ES File Explorer

10 Malicious Android Apps List - You Should Uninstall

The nest one is ES File Explorer. Now, this app was a very good app but now it has become very dangerous other than the cartoonish user interface shows you a lot of ads it loads a lot of ad scripts in the background. So, it takes up device space and even slows down your device’s performance, and more than that it makes you install the third-party application from the Play Store.

Those apps can have malware and that can rip your device or even harm your device. It also collects personal information in the background and sends it to malicious agents. So it’s very dangerous you need to uninstall this app right now.
If you want some other file manager I suggest like a solid file manager. Then, there’s my file manager by Xiaomi. These are the best ones.

8) Antivirus Apps

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Android is not Windows OS and if you’re running a new version of Android and you keep your device up-to-date then, you don’t need antivirus apps. These apps just require almost all of your device permissions and have access to all of your personal data and can transmit them to third-party servers and can bring you to harm if you download these apps from the Play Store.

If you want to save your device’s battery and speed up a performance avoid these anti-virus apps and even Google has a great protection plan for your device. Just install Play protect from the Play store and it will scan all your device apps for harmful behavior.

9) King Root

10 Malicious Android Apps List - You Should Uninstall

KingRoot is a root application that helps you root your android device in one click and this app is very harmful. There is no property information from the developer of this app. There is no background information about this app and once you give permissions to this app it can do almost anything. It can steal your data and install malicious apps on your device.

You own even realize that your data is being stolen and that can include credit card data, banking information, and much more. When you try to visit their website even Google warns, this site contains dangerous apps and attackers could install dangerous apps that can damage your device and hidden changes to the mobile or steal your personal information.

10) Solar Charging apps

10 Malicious Android Apps List - You Should Uninstall

Last but not least is the solar charging app. These apps trap users by claiming that they will charge your smartphone with solar light. But trust me, you can’t do this until your mobile supports a small solar kit. These apps can harm your android device by draining your device battery.

Once, I myself trapped and installed different kinds of solar charging apps. But when I came to know the reality of these apps, I quickly uninstalled them. They do not charge your smartphone but discharge and heat up your phone.
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