Should You Delete Social Media Comments? An Ultimate Guide

I am sure you have seen rude comments in at least one of your posts, regardless of whether it is a business or personal account.

It makes you embarrassed in public places and also to your relatives. Since social media platforms are open source, there is no way to pretend these actions.


But you can take down comments to make your social media posts clean. Yet it can hurt someone’s feelings. 

Should you delete social media comments? If that is so, then why and when that is I am going to discuss in this article.

Should You Delete Social Media Comments?

Yes, you have to delete comments in certain situations. It is necessary to keep yourself and your audience out of trolls.

But that does not mean you have to delete all of the negative comments. You have to act diplomatically to maintain these situations.

Here is how you should handle negative comments. 

No place for Abusive Language

It is easy to understand which comment you should delete by seeing the language. Whenever you see inappropriate language, that is not a preferable comment that you and your other audience should see.

And it is the better choice to delete those comments. Also, delete these comments as soon as possible before spreading and impacting other audiences.

If you have a public profile, there is no way to pretend it, but you can certainly delete those comments immediately before it causes disturbance. 

Stop Personal Attack

Never make your post a battlefield.

If you see some of your audience attacking each other with mean comments and hate speech, it is better to stop them.

You can go for the constructive way by trying to stop it or, at last, delete comments from both users. Otherwise, it can spread to others and end up in a massive mess.

And all the responsibility goes to you. Never take such a risk on your reputation. 

Spamming To Make Business

There is a popular and nasty way to spam a single link or text in the post to get attention. It is mainly because of the business person.

As long as they are keeping it subtle and not spamming, I do not see any reason to delete those comments. But if it is an excessive level of spamming, you better delete comments as well as ban that user too.

Moreover, anyone shouldn’t do such a cheap way of marketing to increase the business. 

No tolerance for Racism

This is one of the most popular ways to make hate comments based on race. And that spreads quickly, and one of the worst situations can happen from it.

So if you think the situation is out of your control and Racism is rapidly increasing throughout your comment box, delete those comments before they can do further negativity.

But you have to do it at last, not immediately unless it is too much.

Respect Constructive Comments

should you delete social media comments?

If you don’t like some comments, that does not mean you have to delete them. It is essential to pay respect to all the constructive comments.

For example, if you post a song on your Facebook and someone says it is not nice, that is not a problem.

These are legit Facebook comments, and you should respect that. Also, it is normal to have some comments that are going to help you resolve yourself. So you should take it positively.

Since you have made a statement on social media, it could be wrong or right. And people have the full right to criticize you if they do not like that.

As long as it is not an abusive language, you should not delete that comment. 

Negative comments that are not rectifiable are typically those that are personal in nature. For example, a commenter might say, “you’re ugly” or “you’re stupid.” These comments are not constructive and cannot be fixed.

In most cases, the best thing to do is to ignore them. The most you can do is ban that specific user.

Answer All Comments

Whether you feel bad or good about a comment, you should face that. And answer all the comments where you have something to say.

That is going to show your boldness and maturity. If you handle it properly, there would be no need to delete any comments. And all the trolls are afraid to face the truth. If you are confident about yourself, there is no need to delete a comment.

All you have to do is answer that hate comment and give him a constructive reply. So next time, a troll should think twice before making a hate comment.

Make a Policy And Clarify Your Point of View

If you are facing too much hate and abusive comments, you should make a policy and publish that before taking any actions. That is the best way to let your audience know about your point of view.

Whether they agree or not, there is no place for hate speech. You have to make that thing clear. And after that, if anything goes wrong and violates your policy, you should take action accordingly.

Your policy should include what you are going to post and who is the preferable user for that. For example, if you are mostly focused on the adult user, make it clear.

Therefore your audience has an idea of what is coming from you. If they do not like that, they can unfollow you. And it is the most efficient way to reduce abusive comments. 


I hope you got the answer to should you delete social media comments? Yet you should, but not all the time, even if you do not like a comment that is not necessary to delete at all.

Respect all the constructive comments but delete abusive and spam comments. And deleting these comments helps you to clean your social media and make it transparent and more user-friendly.

However, making a comment policy can help you to get rid of this vital problem. Yet you have to respect all of your audience and act polite even if it is too much tolerable for you.

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