Smartphone Addiction Is Real – Cure It With These Simple Tricks

Smartphones have taken over lives and we have no escape. Without a doubt, you would either be reading this on your phone, scrolling through Facebook, taking a snap, googling something random like Charter Spectrum mobile service phone number, or any other such thing.

Needless to say, our smartphone is an important part of our lives and they can soon turn into an addiction.

smartphone addiction

How can be sure of it? Well, if not touching your phone for 5 minutes straight puts you in panic mode, you are addicted.

Since you are here, you have acknowledged the problem and want to fix it. The good news is, that it’s possible to outsmart your smartphone.

Tips to Get Rid Of Smartphone Addiction

Truly speaking, it has become very difficult to stay away from your smartphone. But It will become a serious problem if we don’t take action now.

Are you in hurry?

If so, then you can watch this short video tutorial as well and bookmark this page so that you can read it whenever you want.

As suggested by experts, here are some ways to cure this addiction and be in control:

#1. Turn Off Or Limit Notifications

We all agree that the moment you see a notification on the phone, you’re compelled to check the phone. So, why not hit the root cause i.e. turn off the notifications altogether?

Turn off the push notifications on all apps downloaded on your phone. Now, the ding sound won’t bother you anymore. 

#2. Mute Group Chats

Unpopular opinion: A group conversation has never yielded anything valuable. Here is how it starts – someone randomly shares a funny meme or a link to a video, and the chat participants start bombarding the group with messages. 

You’re hardly having a valuable conversation and if that’s so, someone will reach out to you in case you are not replying.

Turn off the notifications for all unnecessary groups. In other words, mute the group chat.

#3. Disable Auto-Play On YouTube

It’s easy to lose track when you are watching a video on YouTube or even a streaming platform.

Binge-watching can be entertaining at times, but it should not be the norm. YouTube and Netflix, for example, play the next video automatically. Go to the YouTube settings, and disable the auto-play feature. Otherwise, it’s easy to lose track of time.

#4. Put Your Phone Away And Then Sleep

If you keep your phone under your pillow when you sleep, a notification will certainly wake you up. Plus, keeping your phone near you means your brain will be on the lookout for a phone beep.

Keep your phone out of your bedroom or at least away from your bed when you go to sleep.

Laziness takes control when you wake up in the middle of the night and have this urge to check the phone. You would prefer sleeping to getting up from your warm and cozy bed.

#5. Practice Phone-Free Time 

Let’s be real, we don’t need our phones all the time. So why not put your phone away at dinner, while watching a movie, or when chatting with your family?

Plan out how you’ll use your phone and set aside time when you won’t be using it. 

Train yourself to spend time away from your phone and soon, you will be in control of how you use your phone. 

#6. Tie A Hairband Around Your Phone

This is a bit extreme but there’s no harm in trying if you are struggling to stay away from your phone.

Tying a hairband around your cell phone can help you how to overcome addiction. Since the hairband is tied to the center of the phone, it’s easy to answer phone calls, but it can be a bit challenging to text, which is exactly the point of this trick.

“Every time you want to use your phone, it forces you to ask yourself, ‘What is my intention?’” “Do I really need to check my phone?” This exercise helps you check your intentions. It trains you to use your phone more mindfully and we all need this lesson.

#7. Switch To Physical Version Of Apps

It is convenient to have everything in your pocket packed in a compact device, a calendar, notebook, calculator, alarm clocks, and so on.

We have all been there: you unlock your phone to check the weather or make a note, and before you know it, you have spent 20 minutes scrolling through your Twitter account reading tweets, and retweeting.

To avoid this and reduce the amount of time you spend on your phone, try substituting real tools for as many digital ones as possible.

#8. Enable Grayscale Mode

Colors are linked to emotions. No wonder that little red notification bubble has had us enslaved for so long. Turning your phone to black and white will help you resist the impulse to check for fresh notifications.

Turn on the grayscale mode and observe if this helps you control the urge to check your phone.

#9. Appoint An Accountability Partner

If you lack self-control, then you need an accountability partner. Ask your friend, sibling, coworker, partner, or anyone available to monitor your phone habits.

When you are scrolling your social media feed during family time, you might not notice, but others do. Ask your accountability partner to call you out and bring you back to the present moment.

10: Rinse And Repeat

You won’t ace it on the first attempt, so keep practicing until you get it right. Start small, start somewhere. You will surely be able to stay away from your smartphone as much as possible.

Wrapping Up:

I know you will find it challenging at first to implement these actions, but if you stick with them and repeat them, you will find great peace. Spend much time with your parents and family members instead of just scrolling down the phone without any need.

So, if you found this article helpful and learned something new then do share it with your loved ones so that they can also take benefit from it.

Moreover, you can read out other useful articles as well to enhance your tech knowledge.

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