What are the best extensions for Google Chrome?

Google chrome extensions make our work easier and also add more functionality to it which makes chrome the best web browser out there.

There are thousands of extensions on the chrome web store and to find a useful extension is a bit hard.

Therefore, I have compiled a list of some useful chrome extensions that will make your browsing easier than before.

So, want to know what are the best extensions for Google Chrome? If yes, then let’s start our today’s journey.

Best Extensions For Google Chrome

You should install these extensions if you want to make your work easy and fast.

Google chrome comes with thousands of extensions therefore, users prefer it. But there are also many other best and fast web browsers you should try.

Now, I will reveal some useful google chrome extensions, you should try.

Users are only familiar with well-known extensions but not aware of other new and very useful extensions.

1) Wildfire

what are the best extensions for google chrome

This extension is particularly useful for those who want to automate their work on google chrome.

If you have tired repeating the same steps again and again then, a wildfire extension will help you to perform these steps for you.

First, you need to record the action you want to repeat using this extension then, you are free since it will work itself.

There are even more features in it as well which you can explore after adding to chrome.

2) Clipboard History Pro

what are the best extensions for google chrome

Do you know there are many clipboard manager extensions in chrome where you can manage your copied text history?

This extension is one of them. This extension will save every copied text and then, you can manage accordingly.

You can copy more than one item and paste as well. This extension has a pro version as well where you will find more features.

Premium version includes mobile sync, floating mode, password lock, and page widget.

You can buy its paid version if you like its free version since there are many amazing features in it that are absolutely free.

3) Mercury Reader

what are the best extensions for google chrome

Whenever we read an article on any blog there are many ads that appear and distract our attention and we can’t read attentively.

This extension is particularly useful to remove distractions from the website. It leaves only texts and images on the site.

In this way, we get a clean environment for reading.

Firefox has a built-in but for chrome, we have to add this tiny extension to eliminate surrounding webpage noise, ads and theme as well.

4) Share Account

what are the best extensions for google chrome

Now, this extension is going to be very useful. Sometimes, we need to share our account (any platform) with others.

At the same time, we don’t want to give the credentials (login and password) as well.

This extension can help you in this regard. You can share the account without revealing the password.

It is a safe way to share the account with others. Both computers must install this extension in order to share the account.

Give a try to this extension and share your experience. It is free to use.

5) The Great Suspender

what are the best extensions for google chrome

Although chrome is a good web browser, at the same time it consumes a lot of memory and laptop battery as well especially if you have opened so many tabs on it.

But this extension is a good solution to this problem. If you have opened several tabs then, you can suspend them to avoid memory consumption.

You can specify the time after that this extension will suspend that tab if it has not been viewed.

It will reduce the load on your CPU and you can use the system smoothly. You can play with the settings provided by the extension.

Wrapping Up

These are some useful chrome extensions and you should give them a try since these are free of cost.

I believe that you didn’t know about these google chrome extensions before. You can also mention your best chrome extension in a comment.

I hope you have understood that what are the best extensions for Google Chrome?

If you found this article helpful then, don’t be silly to share it with others. You can also read the other useful posts as well to enhance your knowledge.

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