Crypto Boyfriends are nothing but pure agony women are ditching

Relationships can get messy and things can get crazy, especially when crypto is involved. It is becoming a hot spot for scammers inside. Thieves target vulnerable men and women to swindle them out of cryptocurrencies.

But that’s actually another story. This young New York-based software engineer made a promise to herself and other women to never mess with a cryptocurrency boyfriend and never talk to a cryptocurrency-loving stranger. I told you so. You can learn more detailed information about bitcoin by visiting this site.

The engineer, who described her ex-boyfriend as a sloth, defined her goal as not only looking rich but getting rich. So, I explained that I was greedy. He’s a total party lover and seemed open to starting a fight on Crypto Twitter.

But those qualities didn’t make him a raunchy feast, and he was clearly proud of it. When he quietly changed his Twitter profile picture to a cartoon monkey, he proudly claimed to have purchased NFT art for six figures.

The New York software engineer met his ex-boyfriend, who is also the founder of Web3, at a casual business meeting with him.

But after dating him for over seven months, the software engineer said that cryptocurrency men aren’t just scammers and that people who are actually legitimate have too much pride for others to handle, arguing that their privilege in life was too great.

In short, if you’re looking for dating, look for men away from cryptocurrencies. This is because a sugar daddy who loves cryptocurrencies is something women don’t want.

Her web3 yuan went on a fake business trip with fictitious money

He was an engineer in New York Software, but Ivy met a 23-year-old man who had dropped out of his league. Originally from the West Coast, he is one of the founders of the Web3 startup. She went to a “casual business meeting.” he thought it was a date. Romance sprung from there. (For privacy reasons, I won’t use my real name here.)

He was charming, charismatic, and above all, loved by investors. But not for software developers. But, those parties were always last-minute, so he always traveled alone.  They were mostly in Austin, Texas, Puerto Rico, or Atlanta and happened to be on a yacht.

But all the trips haven’t bothered him, she said. These “business trips” were funded by her father, a de facto angel investor.

She has a traditional job from 9 to 5, and she has little experience with cryptocurrencies. I didn’t understand the facts. And the icing on the cake? “He wore very cheap clothes. He didn’t try,” she said.

Towards the end of the relationship, his business grew from crazy reviews…but he dropped it to start a new one around the same time the romance died.

After seven months of dating and many regrets, the software engineer learned something about crypto men.

My ex-boyfriend on paper asked me to sell it, so I threw it away

For the more weathered Krypto sisters, there’s nothing worse than dating a newly converted Krypto brother who’s talking about average dollar costs.

The 42-year-old hair and makeup artist made a fortune trading cryptocurrencies during a bull market. She lived a dream life on the beach in Puerto Rico with no capital gains tax.

In 2016, she bought $1,000 worth of bitcoin on Coinbase because her then-boyfriend “deeply regretted” not investing in cryptocurrency early on. But “he never got into the game of crypto so early,” she said.

In the end, the man, who thought he had missed out, convinced her to sell her at her loss.” It really got to me,” she said. “And I had to break up. What options did I have with them?”

If your attitude towards money doesn’t match your partner’s, your relationship is doomed.

Then fast forward to two bull markets. She headed to “Crypto Her Haven” full of fans looking to her money future. But the worst sibling is the crypto newbie preaching about DCAing (Dollar Cost Averaging).

She then received a $100,000 loan from cryptocurrency lender Celsius Network, which she failed to repay. And when the entire cryptocurrency market began to collapse over the summer, they were “paralyzed” from continuing to trade.

Luckily, her manager at a hedge fund she met at a cryptocurrency meetup was generous enough to help her get out of a loan. Exchange it for a year and then give it back to me.”

The makeup artist is now long on Ethereum and holding ETH with the intention of paying back the hedge fund guy.

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