Is Random Video Chatting Really Easier Than Talking in Person?

Some people find it difficult to interact with others. Whether you’re an introvert or not, sometimes it’s just tricky to make a real connection; even seemingly normal friendships can end up being complicated.

It is usually worth it to invest in either of these, but if you aren’t interested in either, it doesn’t mean you should give up on developing social skills.

Video chatting is a great opportunity for anyone who wants a bit more face-to-face interaction in their life but isn’t willing or able to expand their social circles in order to get it.

Chat sites like Camsurf are a good choice because they offer things like anonymity, virtually limitless chat partners, and 24/7 activity online. Plus, there are a few more features (which we’ll get into below) that are particularly handy for anyone with social anxiety.

The best part? Regular random video chats could boost your social confidence in the real world as well. The good news is that you’ll have a lot of fun while checking out what it’s all about.

And now, let’s explore some of the differences between real-life conversations and random video chatting.

1. Never Run Out of Chat Partners

How many things are in your mind when you’re meeting someone new? Chances are, somewhere at the back of your head is the thought that you may not get another chance like this for a long time. Even if you aren’t that desperate to add to your list of friends, it’s still something that could easily add to the pressure.

In random video chats, however, this thought isn’t key to your interactions – after you end a chat, the site will find you a new partner in seconds.

Also, most chat sites have several thousand people online at any given moment. With so many users to talk with, you could chat for hours at a time and never meet the same person twice.

2. Everyone You talk to is There to Meet New People

Why do you think it’s so hard to get a conversation started? Of the many different factors, one of the big ones is the thought that you might get turned down. This would not only be soul-crushing but it would probably be seen by others as well.

So guess what happens? Nothing – you let the chance pass and think “better luck next time”.

There’s nothing wrong with this unless it’s actually affecting your social life. However, you have more options than simply white-knuckling your way through awkward introductions.

One of those options, of course, is random video chatting. Do you know how these sites are designed for people to chat with each other online?

Basically, every person you meet while chatting randomly is there to chat with strangers – and there are a lot of them around. You’ll probably still get skipped over here and there, but what does that matter? You’ll be talking to another chat partner almost before you can blink.

3. There aren’t as Many Rules to Follow

Sure, things have gotten a lot more relaxed since the Victorian era – but there are still plenty of rules that govern most interactions. Random chat users, however, get to enjoy a much more lenient style of communication.

One of the most dramatic examples – and probably the first big difference you’ll notice – is the way people casually cut their chat partners off if they don’t like how a chat is going. They could be offended, uncomfortable, or just bored; the reason doesn’t really matter.

If you’ve ever video chat, you’ll know that everyone does it at some point. While this would be considered pretty rude in a real-life conversation, it’s just taken as a matter of course during a random chat.

This isn’t the only rule you get to dispense with for convenience’s sake. If you feel like being blunt, go for it – there’s no need to be diplomatic.

Are you in an argumentative mood? Ask around for someone who would be willing to debate you about something. The point is, that things that would be weird or off-putting under normal circumstances can often find a place in the random video chats.

4. Being less pressured to conform to others’ perceptions

This might seem a little obtuse at first but just think about it. How many times have you silently scoffed at a “Be Yourself” t-shirt, thinking about how many people would freak out if you actually acted the way you felt inside? What if you could speak your mind, discuss controversial opinions, and just generally be more authentic?

Random video chatting gives you a chance to do just that. If you offend someone, that’s too bad – but it won’t really affect you once that particular person has moved on. You can’t count on everyone reacting positively to whatever you’re doing, but you aren’t doing it for the attention; you’re doing it because it feels great.

5. Anyone With Social Anxiety Could Feel Less Stress Compared to Typical Interactions

There’s one feature in particular that makes this possible: the “next chat” button. This button lets you end your current chat anytime you want, which means that if something goes wrong, you don’t have to wish for the floor to swallow you up; you can just push that little button, and it’s problem solved.

Even better, you’ll never see that person again – and with all the generally awkward people on random chat sites, they’re unlikely to remember your gaffe anyway.

6. Don’t Have to be Particularly Good at Talking to People in Order to Enjoy Yourself

Is there something you’re especially interested in experiencing for yourself? Chances are, once you start random chatting, you’ll be discovering all kinds of benefits on your own.

Whether you want more social confidence, or you just want the chance to relax and be yourself, random video chats provide a great environment for all that and more.

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