Worried About An Apple AirTag Being Found On Your Car?

Technology has been making strides and leaps at lightspeed since we first figured out how to make a massive computer something small enough for our palms.

In the fields of entertainment, medical science, and transportation we’ve seen all kinds of new inventions or awesome upgrades to tech we’re used to.

Worried about an Apple AirTag being found on your car

Nothing has had quite the same arc of changes and advancements as Apple, from mp3 players to smartphones, and computers to now, AirTags.

Tiny tech, big concerns

Apple AirTags is an interesting creation that are small GPS tracking devices that were originally intended to help find your lost keys, should you misplace them.

Now, there are probably tons of things you can think of that you lose regularly that you would love to keep up with, I lose my wallet pretty much every time I pick it up.

Sadly, equally imaginative people have come up with an entirely different and much more terrifying use: tracking your movements.

Modern society has its share of troubles that lots of us know about but not all of us experience.

Looking at the information offered at the link below, it’s easy to understand why stalking is one of the more common oneshttps://www.stalkingawareness.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/SPARC_StalkngFactSheet_2018_FINAL.pdf 

If someone decides to commit their time and energy to figure out what your schedule is and what your day-to-day errands are, it can be unnerving how easy it is for them. Those who are tech-savvy have even more advantages.

Using GPS to track your personal traffic patterns and drive times, criminals can easily get an idea of your work schedules, social habits, and more. 

Unseen, unexpected

The last thing you want to do after a long, dragging shift is to drop into the driver’s seat of your car and drift away. Isn’t it?

Catch your breath, let your body decompress from the stress of professional life, check your phone, or choose some music for the drive home, all things on our mental checklists after clocking out.

How many of us can honestly say we check our cars for foreign objects or suspicious things before we get inside them? If the alarm isn’t going off, there’s not usually a reason to be concerned. 

Worried About An Apple AirTag Being Found On Your Car

One thing you likely wouldn’t notice is if someone had cleverly hidden an Apple AirTag on your car somewhere.

These are small devices that could easily be attached or stored somewhere relatively invisible to you.

Your favorite backroad to take home from work could be mapped out as a perfectly secluded place for a stalker or other delinquent to use as a path to your house.

You’ll be glad to hear that there are ways to safeguard yourself against these types of tracking.

As this creepy new trend began to gain momentum, more and more people sought to bring attention to it. If no one knows something is broken, how could it ever be fixed?

With a company as large as Apple involved, it will only be a matter of time before a solution is found. If you want to read more about this there’s additional info here.

Protecting your privacy

Special frequency scanners are available to buy that will do sweeps to find any devices that are within range. Know the moment someone has a piece of tech trying to access any of your digital life or belongings with the right equipment.

Worried About An Apple AirTag Being Found On Your Car

As we move collectively closer to smart homes being the way of the future we must put in equal effort to carefully protect our private lives and loved ones.

By continuing to evolve and improve the boundaries we set with technology and its applications we can make certain that we never lose our sense of safety, freedom, or individuality.

Final Verdicts

Don’t board up the windows and cancel your plans because you’re worried about your safety, but arm yourself instead.

Check the safety, privacy, and location settings on your smart devices, check that your passwords are fresh and original, and even take some time to discuss safety practices for yourself while on the clock.

Take initiative with your safety and privacy using the right tools and tech available, and know that you’re in control.

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