Crypto startup funding falls to a one-year low – Here’s Why?

The impacts of the economic storm were finally felt by crypto startups.

This storm cooled digital currencies, venture capital, and public stocks. Funding to private crypto firms in quarter 2 saw a fall to its lowest level in one year.

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All hype around the cryptocurrency startups made this sector look highly immune to the economic chaos. A $9.85 billion record was set in venture funds that got raised in quarter 1. It was only one factor of how long it will be taking for venture capital deals to get finalized.

The cryptocurrency market began to slow down last year in December. Such deals already were in discussion. So they got closed in quarter 1. Quarter 2 provides a better glimpse at all gloominess.

An investment of $6.76 billion was done by venture capitalists into crypto firms in the period ending in June. A decline of 31 percent from the past quarter took place.

The industry of crypto mirrors this sluggish activity among venture and tech capital investors. Everyone is seen to be hesitant to close deals now.

Problems in the crypto industry

There is a lot of trouble in this industry. TerraUSD stablecoin’s collapse, severe financial problems at some crypto lenders such as Babel Finance and Celsius and Coinbase Global Inc., and’s layoffs led to this uncertainty. BlockFi Inc. was looking for ways to raise money at a decreased valuation of $1 billion.

Among some cryptocurrency startups, deals fell apart. Investors revoked written offers recently. Many layoffs will take place and valuations will be further coming down. Seed valuation is down nearly 20%. Valuations of Series A are down nearly 50 %. Series B and beyond are too down nearly 70 %.

Companies are advised to retain sufficient cash on hand for enduring two years of hardship. This is because it will be a long-term down this market. It will not become normal within a month.

Even after the long cryptocurrency winter’s potential few venture capitalists are committed to this space. Multicoin Capital, the cryptocurrency VC company declared a new fund of $430.

On that same day, it was said by Lightspeed Venture Partners that they formed one independent team committed to Lightspeed Faction, a blockchain investment.

The on-going situation

Bitcoin and Ethereum’s values were down over 70 percent from their last year’s highs in November. The industry too saw one of its stablecoins collapses completely.

The lending platforms like Celsius Network and Babel Finance suspended transfers and withdrawals because of the uncertainty of the market along with liquidity issues. The formers even filed for bankruptcy.

Three Arrows Capital, the prominent cryptocurrency hedge fund, also called 3AC collapsed after its downturn in digital assets. This left is not able to meet any obligation. The firm that managed nearly $10 billion in assets in March filed bankruptcy protection Chapter 15 on 1st July. Its co-founders now look to be on the run from many creditors.

This news and the shifting economy changed the environment of investing in cryptocurrency. A pullback in blockchain and crypto investments mirrors the wider tech markets. A lot of current instability from some centralized lending crypto platforms is going under.

More systemic issues’ worries created fear. It spread from consumers as well as price speculators to some venture investors in this space.

Few consumer-oriented plays like NFTs along with blockchain-based games particularly took a hit. This was because financial speculators were scared out of this market. Thus prices of such NFTs and tokens fell in value.


The attitude of people regarding these falls and industry is changing in general. If people believed this is only a fad then probably they would have left the market. But no one is thinking such things anymore.

Big VC companies do not view it as one fad. Cryptocurrency will continue playing a role in the financial markets. The slight investment drop in this sector did not surprise many. A lot of people are seeing deals at few high values.

Even after the drop in the value of cryptos, many are not pulling back in this market. Bitcoin price does not impact a lot of aperture to invites.

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