How to Make Stunning Social Media Videos?

According to the WYZOWL report, 86% of internet marketers utilize social media videos for marketing purposes. This growing trend, on the one hand, helps customers comprehend the goods and services of the business.

On the other hand, it helps companies improve their traffic on social accounts, enhance their tracking and boost their sales.

Videos can increase social participation by building trust and relationships between businesses and consumers, developing brand loyalty, improving lead generation, and stimulating relevant discussions.

To help you build awesome social media videos worth looking at and sharing, you may follow these 7 tips.

7 Tips to Craft Amazing Social Media Videos

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1) Start with a Strategy

Before producing any material, you should have a strategy on how to use your social media videos. This should include public research, competitive checking, ideas, content planning, distribution of budgets, job delegation, and so forth.

All of this will enable you to create excellent videos that will improve your marketing. Would you want to raise brand awareness, inspire discussions about the next launch or attract new supporters? Do you want more registrations, more website visitors, or more sales?

Regardless of the subject of your objectives, you must be clear about the goals of your social media videos. This should more significantly connect with your overall company objectives.

2) Emphasize the Narrative

The attention of the audience is critical, but it is even more essential to keep them hooked on you. And to accomplish this, you need to provide high-quality material that will keep them around.

Your video should not only look, sound, and feel amazing, but also convey a captivating narrative with wisdom, relevance and value.

The narrative element enables you to build a brand that connects with your followers, therefore it is essential to connect with them personally and to provide a message that taps into their emotions.

This makes your videos to the next level and gives even greater results for your business.

3) Optimize your Videos for Different Social Platforms

Though you can publish the same video on multiple channels, you need to optimize your content differently depending on the platform.

The size and form of social media images matter. Take into consideration the appropriate size, orientation, video duration, and other essential channel specifications. In this manner, you may integrate the social network you select correctly and accordingly.

4) Strive to Create Short & Concise Videos

Very few individuals will view social media videos if they last longer than 15 to 20 minutes. That’s why it is essential to maintain the size and worth of your movies bite-size and simple to digest.

A video editor can help you immensely in this regard as it enables you to create short & concise videos for almost any social media network.

This phase involves the removal of all superfluous components and just the most relevant and attractive ones. Videos should grab attention, convey a message, and encourage viewers to act quickly.

If your subject is complicated and requires a great deal of clarification, you may divide it into smaller parts. Consider creating a series on the many elements rather than putting all the material into one lengthy film.

5) Capture your Viewer’s Attention in the First Few Seconds

In the digital age, individuals lose interest after around eight seconds. You must thus captivate them right from the beginning. The first few seconds are crucial as consumers determine whether they want to continue watching the film or scroll to other material. 

Start with careful inquiries, excellent hooks, inspiring quotes, awesome pictures, or lovely music. 

Try to incorporate your logo, your brand name, your slogan, or your product/service, so you are immediately identified and indicated what you want.

Your beginning should attract readers and let them know more about what is coming.

6) Include Subtitles in Videos

Video content may reach people across the world. There is thus a chance that people who don’t speak your language well may encounter your video. Adding subtitles can help non-native speakers and listeners easily grasp the information in your video. 

Likewise, movies posted to virtually every social media site now start or play automatically without sound. Subtitles are provided to help you get your word out, quiet or not. 

People frequently watch videos while doing or on their route. And they almost usually do it without sound. The subtitles are important here. Even with the sound off, you can capture your spectators’ attention and not miss what is happening.

7) Only Use Legal Music

Music is essential for the success of videos. It draws people’s attention, controls the brand’s appearance, and links them to the audience.

But not every video music may be used. You have to get permission from the appropriate owners before you insert it. Otherwise, it may be tough to steal protected material from sites.

You must get a Synchronization License from the publisher and a Master License from the recording business to use music in a film legally.

If you have difficulty licensing music or have a budget, you may investigate public domain music tracks, the Creative Commons License, and the library of production music inventory.


Creating interesting video content on your social networks does not need you to buy costly media equipment or employ a video editing program.

You can build excellent, dynamic content without breaking your marketing budget by following these techniques and using tools that are freely accessible.

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