Is WhatsApp safe? WhatsApp End-To-End Encryption Explained

Instant messaging is one of the most popular ways people communicate. Nowadays it can be more convenient than emails or phone calls especially if you only need to say a few words one popular app that lots of people use for instant messaging is called WhatsApp. It would not be wrong to say that every user has installed WhatsApp on their smartphone. You might think, is WhatsApp safe?

Actually, people use WhatsApp to send audio, video, documents, audio calling, video calling, etc and it is the most convenient way to send messages easily. WhatsApp is the product of Facebook which is also a very popular social media platform in the world. Almost more than 1 Billion users are using WhatsApp today and the number of users is increasing day by day.

As WhatsApp is being used by billion of users so, the question comes to mind Is WhatsApp safe? WhatsApp claims that they provide end-to-end encryption to their user so that we can send our messages securely. In this article, I will show you is WhatsApp safe or not?. Make sure to read the full article so that you also know about reality.

Is WhatsApp Safe?

WhatsApp claims to provide end-to-end encryption, but did you know that it’s not completely secure and anyone can easily track us and intercept messages in between? You need to know about end-to-end encryption.

We are very happy when we find out that our messages are end-to-end secure because WhatsApp Facebook and no other application can read the message but one thing that has come to light here is that some experts have said that WhatsApp is not completely secure and there are some things where your message can be intercepted but WhatsApp has not taken any action against it yet and WhatsApp says no there is no such thing. So, we will talk about it today.

is whatsapp safe?

The fact is that when you send a message to someone, the contact comes here that you must have the public key of that person you are sending the message to, only then you will be able to send the message, and that user will unlock the message by using his/her own private key and in between no one will be able to see your message.

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But what happens here is that if you are talking to someone and in such a case if the other user’s phone is off the network, i.e, the internet is not working, in this case when you send him your message, you get a single tick because that message is still there, hasn’t been delivered yet and in the meantime, if something comes to a third user then if he pretends that he is a user if he uses his sim card, the message goes to someone else instead of the real user without showing any warning.

Your message does not reach the right target because any third person came in between and blocked your message. It is less likely that someone will track you, but today, if the government wants, anyone can easily track WhatsApp messages and using the same thing, they can track all his messages. They can do so because they will block your access to your original target and read all your personal messages.

After knowing all the facts about end-to-end encryption, you must also know about some things that I have listed below:

1) WhatsApp Web

is whatsapp safe?

Mostly, we use the application offered by Facebook and communicate with our friends and relatives through the app but WhatsApp offered a web-based application through which we can also do the same as the application. Many users use its web-based version when they have to send documents saved on PC/Laptop or for another purpose.

But WhatsApp web version is the gateway to hackers and they can easily intercept your chat with friends even any common person can do this. Hackers can hack your WhatsApp in different ways. So, take all precautions.

2) Backup Data

is whatsapp safe?

As WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted but not fully i.e, only the sender and receiver can decode these messages. In this way, your messages can not be intercepted and you can chat with others safely. But one thing is important that these messages become decrypt on your device.

WhatsApp allows you to backup your data, chat, and media files on your android or iOS device. It creates a backup on your google drive on any other storage media but it is not completely safe. The messages on WhatsApp are encrypted but the backup data on google drive or on iCloud is not encrypted.

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3) Fake News

is whatsapp safe?

For many couples of years, users criticize social media companies for spreading false news. Users spread misinformation via FAcebook and WhatsApp easily. Facebook is the largest source of fake news. In the past few years, big fake cases have been reported in India, Brazil, and other countries as well because of social media especially Facebook and WhatsApp.

Social media websites must analyze the posts, pictures, and news before publishing on their websites. Now, WhatsApp is also becoming a powerful source of spreading false news. Even some WhatsApp groups are working on only spreading fake and misinformation among the users.

How to Keep WhatsApp safe?

So far we have discussed WhatsApp security. Now the question comes into mind that how can we keep our WhatsApp safe and secure from hackers or unauthorized people so that your messages and data should keep safe.
The best way to protect your WhatsApp account from hackers is to enable 2 step verification.

Not only WhatsApp but you can apply it on Facebook, Gmail, and many other social media accounts to protect your accounts from hackers.

What is 2 step verification? When you will log in to your WhatsApp or any account you have to enter the 6 digit code you created or send while enabling this feature. Now, I will show you the method to enable the 2-step verification on your WhatsApp account. Follow the given steps:

  • Go to WhatsApp settings > Account > Two-step verification
  • Now, click on Enable and choose your 6 Digit Pin and confirm it.
  • After choosing Pin, add your email to WhatsApp.
  • Congrats, you have enabled 2 step verification.

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Is WhatsApp safe?: Conclusion

The answer is yes and no. There are fewer chances that an unauthorized person will track you. WhatsApp has a bunch of advantages and disadvantages too. The drawback is that the chat is not encrypted on our smartphones.

Use WhatsApp safely after taking all precautions like enable 2 step verification because it provides more security. If you do not enable it, then you are at risk. Your data can easily be hacked when anyone will open your WhatsApp account. WhatsApp has more prons but fewer cons so that’s why you can still use it but again after taking all precautions.

Now I ask you, is WhatsApp safe? Leave your answer below in the comment section share your thoughts with others. If you know more about it then also share below. If you find this article helpful, share it with others for awareness.

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