Why Should You Always Try The Demo Before Buying A game?

Should I buy the game or not? A tricky question if you haven’t tested it yourself.

But what many gamers have now forgotten: Hundreds of games can be tested free of charge in the demo, sometimes for up to ten hours. 

Playing games for a few hours without paying anything sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

With a demo, you can do just that.

Try Demo Before Buying a game

They used to be almost ubiquitous and every self-respecting publisher released longer or shorter demos to convince potential customers of their games.

Why should You try the demo before buying a game?

If you haven’t bought the game yet and would like to, you can try it out with the demo. The demo makes it simple to assess the game’s quality before selecting whether or not to buy it.

Due to the free demonstrations that are provided in the demo, you have the opportunity to “try before they buy.”

Demos have always been useful for determining whether your normal curiosity about a game might develop into a passionate enthusiasm.

What Are demos in the game?

Video Game

A trial version of a video game, often known as a demo, is meant to provide prospective buyers with a taste of the experience before they make a purchase.

Demos often only allow players to experience a small portion of the whole game, typically just a few levels or features. 

What exactly is the function of a game demo?

A game demo is often a segment or section from a video game that is made available for free distribution.

Its primary purpose is to showcase the narrative of the game as well as its fundamental gameplay elements.

Demos are often made available by the publisher of the game in order to provide customers with a taste of the product before they decide whether or not to purchase and/or retain the full edition.

The best demos: You can test all these games

Playing A Video Game

If you scroll through the list of the most popular demos on Steam, you can quickly find some top games.

You may buy certain games and discover errors after installing them.

Grand Theft Auto 5’s “7002.1” problem has led some people to complain that they are unable to play the game. However, this mistake won’t prevent you from enjoying this captivating game since there is always a solution. 

For football fans, Konami’s football PES 2020 is of course on board. Those who don’t feel like doing sports will also find plenty of action in the demo category.

The two top-class Tom Clancy’s The Division and Wolfenstein II – The New Colossus are available as demos. Doom and Payday 2 can also be played extensively with the free demos.

If you don’t like it quite as bloody, you might be better served with Slime Rancher. The colorful indie game combines elements of Stardew Valley with neon-colored action on a distant planet.

Strategy fans, on the other hand, will get their money’s worth with Sid Meier’s Civilization 6. In it, you choose a nation, build cities, and lead them to the top of the world powers provided your strategy succeeds.

You are free to download any of the free demos.

  • Payday 2
  • Doom
  • Wolfenstein 11 – the new colossus
  • Tom clancy’s the division
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization 6
  • Slime rancher
  • football PES 2020
  • Mafia 3

How to find a demo game?

If you are looking for a demo, you can find it on Steam under the “Games Demos” tab or simply follow the web app.

Since the demos arrive here in chronological order, the search can quickly become a game of patience if you are looking for a specific title.

However, the demos also have the usual filters, so you can quickly search for a specific genre or the most popular demos.

If you click on it now, the desired demo will be downloaded and you can then get a first impression of whether you like the game.

What is the duration of a demo game?

The demo mode allows you to test the latest version of Minecraft. In this way, you can get to know the basic contents of the game, find out if it is fun and if the computer on which it is installed is suitable for the game.

Playing in demo mode is free. It lasts 100 minutes, which equals five game days, but can be restarted as many times as you like.

Demo mode has been available since full version 1.3.1 ( 12w16a )

The purpose of the demo

Demo games are not only used as advertising for games but also for services or consoles not new.  The trial versions were only available for a relatively short period.

The demo versions are ideal, as they allow you to try out what an online game has to offer without risk.

Without real money and even without registering in the game, you can use play money to test functions, take a look at the game rules and see if you like the gameplay, story, and graphics at all.

The great thing about this is that a demo is not a stripped-down version of the original game. Instead, you access all levels and functions – but without having to wager your own money.

Can I access the full game during the demo?

Game demos contain restricted content that may have been changed or removed by the time the full game was released.

For more information, you can contact the game developer. There are no short-term add-ons such as in-game currency not included in game demos.

It’s important to note that at the end of the demo period, the demo will no longer appear in your library.

However, you may be able to pre-order or purchase the full game.

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