7 Best Phone Tracker App For Android in 2020

Mobile phones have become a need of life. Smartphones are being used in our daily life and it is the best electronic device ever. People can not stay away from them because we use smartphones so much in our life. It has become our friend and we use it in every field of life. Parents want to keep an eye on their children’s smartphones. So, I will review the 7 best phone tracker app for android in 2020 and you will like them as well.

If our mobile phone is stolen or we want to keep an eye on our children, their activities on smartphones or maybe for any reason you want to trace. In this modern era, technology has become very advance now, it is possible with modern technology. These best phone tracker app for android will help you in this regard.

Many applications and online tools are available to perform this task. Some of them are free but most are paid and more accurate. But which tool should you use to track your mobile phone? After researching, I am here to show you the best mobile tracker app for android. So, you have to read the full article in order to understand about these apps.

Best Phone Tracker App For Android

Now, let’s discuss the tools and apps to track your mobile phone without permission. Here I will show you the paid tools since they are very accurate and show you the exact location of the phone. The list of the best phone tracker app for android is given below:

1) Spyzie 

7 Best Phone Tracker App For Android in 2020

Spyzie is an advanced and easy app that can track and secure real-time device activity straight forward from your PC, Mac, or Laptop. Every piece of information or data that’s collected is encrypted and kept locked away so no one else but you can get the target phone’s data. Spyzie can be used both on iOS phones and Android phones which is a great thing.

When used on Android phones, you will have to install an app to the target device. It allows you to get information from the Android after some simple setup process. You may view the monitored data remotely from your own smartphones, tablets, PC or computers as long as they are connected to the web.

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Its Basic Version plans price is $29.99/1-month and $49.99/3-Months. The next Plan is Pro Version whose price is $39.99/1-Month and $69.99/3-Months. The last but not the least is the Ultimate Version, the price is $49.99/1-Month and $79.99/3-Months. According to me, it is the best mobile tracking tool and you should try it out at least once.


Some of its features include:

  • location tracking and Geofence signaling
  • call logs and messages
  • social apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Tinder, Line, and WeChat
  • keywords alert and browsing history etc.

2) Aispyer

7 Best Phone Tracker App For Android in 2020

Aispyer is almost the world’s number 1 mobile phone tracker for android. It is very lightweight and easy to use even a common person can easily use it without any worry. This tool is designed for legal use only and not for illegal or crime.

Aispyer is actually a smartphone and tablet monitoring tool that can be used only with the purpose of parental control of their children or by employers. This amazing tool can be used for many other legal purposes to track mobile phones.


You can buy it’s 7-Days license for $9.99 that is a very cheap price for a week. It’s one-month license price is $19.99 and the best seller 3 Month license price is $49.99 and the last one is 6-Month license is for $89.99.


Now, we will talk about its features and advantages:

  • You can track phone number
  • Web History Tracker is also available
  • Facebook Spy
  • WhatsApp spy is also exist
  • Contact Tracker and may more

These are few features of aispyer but actually, it contains many features and it can solve all your problems related to your smartphone.

3) KidsGuard Pro

7 Best Phone Tracker App For Android in 2020

KidsGuard Pro for android is an ultimate android monitoring app to keep an eye on your loved ones like children or relatives or maybe friends. According to experts, it takes only 5 minutes to monitor your mobile phone with the help of this incredible tool. It is the best application to track your cell phone.

If your smartphone is stolen or maybe any reason to trace the smartphone then KidsGuard Pro is the only one you can use to trace the activities.


KidsGuard Pro contains 3 types of plans. The 1-Month plan is for $29.95, 3-Month plan price is $16.65 and the last one is 1-Year plan price is $8.32/Month. People trust this tool and you can but it without any hesitation.


KidsGuard Pro has many features but only a few of them are given below:

  • You can monitor 30+ files including SMS, calls, social media apps, etc
  • You can use it 100% undetectable i.e, track anyone without knowing
  • You do not need to root the target device and the data will also remain safe
  • Anyone can easily use it even novice users can track a mobile phone.
  • You can explore all the files of your phone without any worry.

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4) Highster Mobile

7 Best Phone Tracker App For Android in 2020

Highster Mobile is a cell phone monitoring tool for Android and iPhone devices. You can easily keep an eye on your children’s activities like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat, etc. Even you can track SMS text messages, SPD location, Call logs, and more than that. You can safely do all these activities without any permission.

You can easily install this tool and is compatible with android, iPhone, and more. It is not very complicated to use.


Highster Mobile’s basic plan price is $29.99 and it does not have monthly fees. It’s PRO plan price is $69.99 in which you can explore all the features of this amazing tool.


  • You can aware of social media applications
  • iMessage is also supported bt this app
  • Live control Panel
  • It also provides Photo and Video Log
  • You can check the browser history

5) Lookout 

7 Best Phone Tracker App For Android in 2020

The next one on the list is Lookout. As its name suggest that it will look out your device and give you the exact location of your smartphone. According to the experts, it is the leader of mobile security. This application has become very popular among users. It provides you almost every security-related feature you need.


It contains more and more features you want but some are given below:

  • It has built-in antivirus which will protect your device
  • Providing an Accurate and exact location of the targeted device is its first priority
  • It gives you mobile endpoint security
  • Phishing and the content protection

6) FamiGuard

7 Best Phone Tracker App For Android in 2020

You can always be aware and feel secure that your children are protected with this effective parental control application which allows you to track your children’s exact location, you can set geofences, limit screen time, control app usage, view their app and internet activities and browsing history.
You can set rules to your children with the aid of this amazing tool and it will help you to save your children from any trouble.


Its amazing thing is that you can try it’s all the features for 3 days free of cost. Then, 1-Month plan price is $12.99 and 3-Month plan price is $9.99/month and the last one but not the least 1-Year Plan price is $4.99/month. This tool contains a very cheap price and you should try out it’s at least free 3-day use.


  • You can set limit Screen Time and instantly lock the device and pause usage
  • Block Apps and the games with this amazing tool
  • This tool allows you to filter website content and you can quickly block unwanted websites by different categories.
  • You can set a safe zone for your children and view geofence reports

7) mSpy

7 Best Phone Tracker App For Android in 2020

MSpy is one of the most popular phone tracker tools which you can use without permission. It contains a ton of features that help you to keep an eye on your children’s activities. You can get access to all your children’s activities easily with this incredible tool. This tool is supported by almost every smartphone brand and iPhone as well.

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Its Basic Package price is $29.99/month, $59.99/3-month, and $99.99/1-year. Premium Package plan price is $69.99/month, $119.99/3-months, and $199.99/12-months. I know these are expensive but it provides you a lot of features.


  • It requires no jailbreak or root for the targeted device.
  • You will be 100% invisible while tracking
  • Activities update every 5 minutes
  • It is a budget-friendly tool
  • All the information or data is securely saved and protected and only you have access to the information.

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