7 Best Free VPN Extension For Chrome in 2020

Choosing the best free VPN extension for chrome is hard since the competition between VPNs is high. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a need for almost every person. If the user is a businessman, Marketer, Engineer, or anyone, VPN is very useful for the user. The user may want the VPN for different reasons like the user wants to hide IP, change location, Unblock blocked websites, or maybe any other reason. Here, I will introduce you to the best free VPN extension for chrome.

There are many VPN chrome extensions therefore it is difficult to find the best one and easy to use and the most important thing is it must not be a scam or contain malware. Many VPNs ask you to sign up or complete a number of steps in order to use that particular VPN. I know that is a very annoying thing therefore I will show you the best free VPN extension for chrome.

If you want to use a free VPN on Windows 10 for a lifetime then I have written a complete article on this and you can read it as well so that you can use your own free VPN.

Best Free VPN Extension For Chrome

If you were looking for the best VPN chrome extension then, you will find it very helpful. You don’t need to sign up for it since they are free. However, some of them have their paid version as well but we will use it’s free version only. Read the full article to understand it.

1) VeePN:

Best Free VPN Extension For Chrome

The first VPN in this list is VeePN. The reason is that it provides us numerous features that the user needs. It is useful in many ways e.g, it is secure, fast speed servers and very easy to use. This VPN completely secures your privacy. The most important thing is you can use unlimited bandwidth and traffic.

VeePN is very fast and ensures the privacy of every user. It is entirely safe, you can rely on it. You can unblock any website, hide your location, change the IP address, or keep away from hackers. We can say that you will get all the facilities in this VPN which you get in any paid VPN.

If you want to unblock blocked websites then, I have a complete post written on this topic and you can read since I discussed many methods to bypass blocked websites.


It’s highlighted features are given below:

  • It contains 2500+ servers all over the world
  • Strict No Log Policy
  • It has user-friendly apps and clients.
  • Automatic Configuration is a very interesting feature.
  • Cross-Plateform software
  • It contains top-notch encryption Protocols


2) Express VPN:

Best Free VPN Extension For Chrome

Express is one of the most popular as well as the best VPN among the users. This VPN contains plenty of features i.e, educational, basic, advance, etc, and many more. It is a paid VPN and you will think that why are you recommending us this paid VPN since you are talking about free VPN. The reason is that because it provides you 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are looking for any paid best VPN then, it will help you a lot.

You can enjoy unrestricted access to worldwide websites on the internet. It defeats the geolocation restrictions and censorship. It gives unlimited access to images, audios and videos, and any other content worldwide. You can stay secure anytime whenever you will become online since it hides your IP address and changes your current locations.

Moreover, it is compatible with all the devices i.e, windows, android, IOS, etc. According to me, it is best of all. You should try it out without any loss of money since it provides you 30 days money-back guarantee.

Since this is a topic about enhancing your security therefore I have should read the best Google Chrome extensions for Security and these extensions will help you to stay away from malware.


Its noticeable features are given below:

  • 160 Server Locations are listed in this VPN
  • Access content from anywhere
  • Become Anonymous
  • Hide your Internet Protocol Address
  • VPN split tunneling is available as well. etc


3) Touch VPN:

Best Free VPN Extension For Chrome

This is a particular VPN which I am personally using right now. The reason for using it because it is completely free and you can use unlimited bandwidth. It provides you a facility to unlock any site without any worry. You will feel secure by using this free VPN.

When you use the internet in your daily routine of life, you see the message sometimes that you are unable to access this website. So, this VPN is a good choice for you since it provides you unlimited bandwidth. Get this VPN today to work.

I will say touch VPN is the VPN for secure private browsing. Use it anytime, anywhere and whenever you want. It’s an interesting thing that is 100% free, secure, fast speed servers and protects you from hackers.


Its features are given below:

  • Provides you unlimited bandwidth
  • It supports Unlimited traffic
  • It provides you Unlimited time
  • Fast servers
  • It is very secure

4) Betternet:

Best Free VPN Extension For Chrome

Betternet is the next VPN on my favorite list. It is a fast VPN to unblock any site for private surfing. You can maintain your internet privacy with the best VPN. It also provides you unlimited access. Access your favorite content on all over the world with this amazing betternet VPN.

Betternet is a fast Virtual Private Network proxy for Chrome users since it gives you unlimited access to the internet. This VPN masks your IP, encrypts your internet traffic, convert public wifi to a private network while unblocking sites. In this way, you are free from geo-restrictions and maintain your internet privacy.

We use Facebook many times daily but you are unaware of the important security settings on Facebook therefore your account is at risk. So, I also have written an article on this. Go ahead and read it out.


Some of the features of this VPN are given below:

  • Enjoy unlimited VPN
  • You are One-click away to Connect
  • One can unblock websites and Applications
  • You have Anonymous connection and Privacy Protection
  • Secure your Browser and yourself
  • You can surf anonymously at fast speed servers
  • It provides you a feature to Shield WiFi Hotspot

5) Zenmate VPN:

Best Free VPN Extension For Chrome

Zenmate is one of my favorite virtual private networks. It is the best chrome VPN free extension to hide your IP. This VPN encrypts your connection and access websites easily. You should download this amazing VPN to get unlimited bandwidth, fast speed connection, total leak protection, and secure your inline activities.

It uses strong encryption to secure all your traffic and saves your real IP address so you can go to any blocked site, protect your data, and use the internet anonymously without any limit. Zenmate is a famous VPN and almost every user knows this VPN.

There are millions of users from all over the world that consider this VPN best for Google Chrome. It provides you the fastest servers and you can change your location in a single click.


Few highlighted features are given below:

  • It gives you a complete security
  • You have complete Freedom
  • It is a very fast VPN browser extension
  • Unblock streaming websites without any worry
  • Provide you Absolute Anonymity

6) Dot VPN:

Best Free VPN Extension For Chrome

It is another free VPN and you can use it for your purpose i.e, unblock websites and hide your IP address, etc. Its features are almost the same as mentioned above. It is a very lightweight free VPN and you must try it out to access the blocked websites on the internet.

As it is almost a free VPN so you may explore it’s almost 75% features free of cost and for other features you have to buy their premium version. But I only recommend it’s the free version.


Its features are given:

  • It has 1000+ servers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Server Switches
  • Fast Speed Servers and access anytime


7) Hotspot Shield:

Best Free VPN Extension For Chrome

We are talking about VPN how can we forget Hotspot Shield VPN. This is not my choice but it is the choice of more than 2 Million users. It is a very huge amount of users. HotSpot Shield contains many features in itself.

You can unblock any site with the world’s fastest VPN. Claim your online freedom today with only one simple click. Use the web without any restrictions, access all your favorite news, social media, and streaming websites with this amazing VPN.


Features of this VPN are given below:

  • It the World’s fastest VPN
  • It is a WebRTC blocker, prevent others to trace your real IP
  • Access Geo-restricted Content
  • It provides you Premium security features
  • Unlimited VPN access

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