How Can I Charge My Phone Without a Charger?

Out of charger? In this age of the modern era, we rely on our smartphones more than ever before. Our smartphones are always at our sides whether they’re used for emailing, gaming, browsing social media, taking shots, or even just looking up directions.

However, we need to charge our phones every day. If you’re on a camping trip, it’s one of the biggest problems with phones that they run out of battery at the most inconvenient times.

how can I charge my phone without a charger?

If your phone runs low on a battery charge, don’t panic. There are lots of ways to charge your device without a charger.

So, if you’re also looking for how can I charge my phone without a charger? Then, you have to read through an entire article for details about each technique.

How Can I Charge My Phone Without a Charger?

We’ll now discuss some ways to charge your phone without a charger. Whether you are camping or planning to go anywhere, these helpful techniques to charge your phone will help you a lot.

1) Use Portable Power Bank

Power Bank - how can I charge my phone without a charger?

A portable power bank is a great device for every smartphone user. You can charge your electronic devices anywhere and anytime without having to worry about running out of battery power.

It’s always good to carry one when traveling because it can charge multiple cell phone batteries simultaneously, no matter you are at home or traveling.

If you’re worried because you aren’t close to your charger or don’t have your charger with you at the moment, then you may want to consider using a power bank. A power bank is an essential gadget when traveling to charge your smartphone.

Just connect your smartphone with a portable power bank using a charging cable.

There are many different sizes and capacities of power banks available in the market. So, choose the right one according to your needs.

2) Charge With Your Laptop

Via Laptop - how can I charge my phone without a charger?

Using a laptop to charge your phone device is a convenient option when you do not have access to a wall outlet or if you are away from your home. As laptops are more powerful than power banks, they can deliver more power to your phone’s battery, and even faster.

All you need, for connecting your smartphone with your laptop, is a USB cable. Your phone battery will begin charging automatically when connected to the laptop via a USB cable.

Now, this won’t be an ideal way to charge your phone, but it might come in handy if your phone needs charging urgently. It will drain the laptop battery as well.

But even so, it would be great to power up your smartphone if you don’t have your charger. Just plug your phone into Laptop’s USB port and you’re good to go.

3) Charge Wirelessly

Wireless charging - how can I charge my phone without a charger?

There isn’t any other convenient way to charge a phone than by using wireless phone charging if your device supports it. Wireless chargers allow charging mobile phones without having to be plugged into an electrical outlet with a charging cable.

Instead of plugging in your phone with a wall charger (wired charging), you can just place your mobile on a charging pad and it will begin charging. Wireless phone charging is one of the best features that modern smartphones have.

All smartphones don’t support wireless charging features but the newest ones do. You might be missing out if you don’t take full advantage of this awesome feature.

If you’re not near an outlet or planning to go somewhere, wireless charging may be the best choice for you. After a certain period of time, rechargeable batteries start slowing down. Remember this issue as well.

4) Use Solar Charger

Solar Charger - how can I charge my phone without a charger?

For people who engage in lots of outdoor adventures, it’s advisable to charge their phone using a solar charger if they don’t have a charger. It may be inefficient and slow, but it can be considered a cleaner way to charge your phone.

It’s easy for you to charge your phone when you have access to sunlight, but not in all conditions. There are many solar chargers that come with built-in batteries which will then charge your phone when plugged in via USB cable.

You can’t expect it to be fully charged within an hour when using direct sunlight for charging since it’s very slow charging but it’s a convenient charging method too. Solar panels are used for this purpose too.

You’ll find many different types of portable solar chargers available for purchase. It’s the best gadget for when you’re out and about.

5) Via Car Charger

Car Charger - how can I charge my phone without a charger?

For people who often find themselves driving their cars, there is no best option for them to charge their mobiles other than a USB car charger. It’s one of the most convenient ways to charge your phone.

You simply have to plug the car charger into your car’s cigarette lighter and then, connect the USB cable to the charging port of your smartphone. You no longer need to worry about running low on power while traveling. In addition, car chargers don’t cost too much.

Whether you’re driving to work, dropping the kids off at school, or heading home from a long day, charging your phone battery with your car power is the best solution.

Most new cars now come equipped with USB charging ports for charging electronic devices. Just connect your phone with a USB cable and you’re good to go.

6) Use Battery Charger Cases

Battery Charging Cases - how can I charge my phone without a charger?

With a battery case for your mobile device, you can now charge your smartphone even when there isn’t an outlet nearby. Battery cases are the best way of making sure your mobile is powered up and ready to go when you need it.

With these battery cases, you’ll be able to extend your phone’s battery life by doubling or tripling its original capacity. Again, all smartphones don’t support this. Having cell phone battery packs (i.e. you can say extra batteries) is also a good solution.

If you’re using an iPhone, you might want to consider buying some battery cases for it. They come in different capacities. It’s an efficient phone charging method and an effortless energy provider as well.

Remember to carry out the battery cases with you when you don’t have access to your regular charger. If you’re an iPhone user, having an external battery pack may be good advice.

7) Use Hand Crank Portable Charger

Hand-Crank Portable Charger - how can I charge my phone without a charger?

Modern life is full of amazing gadgets and one of them is a hand-crank charger. The Hand Crank mobile phone battery charger is a simple device charging tool that plugs into your phone using a charging cable and then you can charge it by simply turning the handle.

Now if you agree to put in some effort to charge your phone then, go for the hand-crank generator charger. I know it’s a difficult as well as a very slow method to charge your phone.

You just have to turn the handle of this device and the Hand-Crank portable charger will produce electricity which will charge your phone. Whether you’re camping and going hiking, or just in a place where you can’t use electricity, this product is handy to have.

With this small amazing gadget, you can slowly charge your smartphone without a charger.

Wrapping Up

With the daily use of our phones, it’s important to have a backup power source especially when you’re away from your charger. You will find many backpacks having a built-in battery to charge your device as well.

Moreover, charging your smartphone with another portable battery (almost 9v battery) is also a good solution. However, wired charging is still the most preferable way to charge your phone.

Now if you were looking for how can I charge my phone without a charger then, I hope you got the answer to your question.

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