How to Make an Album on Imgur [2 Easy Ways]?

Online image sharing has become very simple now. Some people use social media and many users prefer image host to share pictures easily within few steps. Imgur is one of the best image host because it has become very popular in very short period of time. It provides an amazing features to the users that attract the people.

We can easily share pictures with this platform. If you have a categorized your pictures then, you can create an album on Imgur to easily recognize their category. But some users find it difficult to create an album therefore, I will share the step by step guide on how to make an album on Imgur.

By creating an album, you will be able to store multiple images on one album as well as you can sort out images easily. I will reveal two methods of making an album on this incredible image host.

How to Make an Album on Imgur?

Creating a new album on Imgur is few steps far and now, I am going to guide you in this regard. After creating an album, you can share a whole album with others easily. So, let’s dive into our topic.

Method 1: Make an Album on Imgur

Now, we will the create an album using the options provided by Imgur. You can collect the images at one place on your system so that you can easily access them. The step by step procedure to make an album on Imgur is given below:

1) Click on your name > Images at top-right corner.

how to make an album on imgur

2) Click on All images > New Album

how to make an album on imgur

3) A box will appear and ask for entering the name and description about the album as below:

how to make an album on imgur

4) Enter the details and hit on Save

5) After that, click on Add images

how to make an album on imgur

6) Now, you can select the images from Imgur and hit on Save.

how to make an album on imgur

7) That’s it.

You have created an album and added the pictures into that album as well. Now, you can share it with anyone and Imgur users can also upvote if you make it public. Public means everyone can see your album and write comments as well.

Imgur has hidden option as well in which you can hide any post or image. Other users will not be able to see that image so, this is a good option for many users.

If you are unable to create the album using this method then, jump to the next method which is very easy and also known as drag and drop. I am sure that you will love the next method as well.

Method 2: Make an Album on Imgur

This is also the best method to create album since we are going to use drag and drop method to create an album on Imgur. As I said earlier, gather all the images, you want to make album, on one location because it will be easier to upload them at once.

To make an album, follow the given instructions:

1) Log in to your Imgur account

how to create an album on imgur

2) Click on New Post on the top. See the snap below:

how to create an album on imgur

3) Now drag all the images, you collected on your system, to the Imgur like below:

how to create an album on imgur

4) All the images will start uploading so, wait for some time. The uploading time will depend on images size.

5) That’s it, your album has been created.

5) To see the album, just click on your profile > Images at top right corner. See the snapshot:

how to create an album on imgur

6) Now, hit on All Images > select the album named untitled. This is the album, we have created now.

how to create an album on imgur

7) You will find all the images here, you have just uploaded

8) You are all done, created an album on Imgur

This is the easiest method to create the album according to me because Imgur create the album automatically once you drag and drop the images on it. This is an amazing feature.

These two methods are surely working and anyone can easily follow this quick tutorial. I can surely say that you will be able to create the an album easily without any worry.


Imgur is the most popular image host platform and it is growing rapidly since you can upload and share as many pictures as you can. Even many social media platforms have upload limit but you can solve this problem by using Imgur. You can share a whole album as well to your friends, relatives and loved ones.

I hope you have understood that how to make an album on Imgur. If you find this article helpful then, don’t forget to share with others so that they can also enhance their knowledge. If you are facing any issue, let me know in the comment section and I will try to resolve it.

how to make an album on imgur

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